Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Xmas Break-Movie Reviews

We watched a lot of movies of xmas break. About two a night.
Here are my reviews.
Creepy. A little slow. Ok.

So not as funny as I thought. A little sad actually.
Both of these guys have done soooo much better.
I'm a sucker for vampires.

Now you know we all liked this! A+
Jim Carrey is still awesome!

It was an ok movie. Good enough to keep you watching but bad enough
to have you say blah at the end.

They tried to hard. There was a few funny parts.
My favorite part was when the dentist with tattoo on his face, played the guitar and sang a song:)
I don't like when movies fell forced.

Did you see this? I'm sure with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn in the cast you did.
If i would have paid to see this in the theater I would have been MAD!
While I appreciated the "creation" part, It was soooooooo long.
I would never watch this movie again. NEVER!
I guess the creative side did not speak to me.

AMAZING!!!!! See this if you haven't already.
The acting was totally awesome. I really enjoy when actors that aren't
"big" yet out do the actors that are. You know?
I even shed a tear at the end. A+++++++

This was a beautiful movie.
I always love a good love story with a good ending.
I will say that this movie does show why I will not take my kids to a circus.
Beating animals into submission to preform for you to make money
is against my beliefs.And I don't want to support it.
I do not believe God created animals for that.
But it was a very good movie.

Justin Timberlake is so funny. One of my favorite SNL hosts.

Now some movies we watched were so bad I will not even post their pics.I will just name them.
-Trespassers- come on Nic Cage and Nicole Kidman
-13- dumbest way to gamble......ever
-Straw Dogs- why???
-Set it Up -oh gosh, so so so bad, words can't describe

So today I'm thankful for "date-night" at home.
Weird right?
I love my husband and I love laughing with him.
We do not have any family here, so we don't have date-nights outside the house.
But, they are still fun at home, snuggled on the couch with a bowl of popcorn.
Even if there are a few interruptions........
The girls enjoy piling into Kirstin's bed with a bowl of popcorn for
their special movie too!

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