Monday, January 30, 2012

Kirstin's Prayer for the week

On Saturdays we close out the week we
some bible reading and communion with the kids.
Then we do a prayer request of sorts.
A "what do you wanna pray for the week to come"

Kirstin said:
"I need help with my attitude. And I wanna pray that there will be no more murdering,
robbing, and Canadians."
Us laughing: "why no more Canadians?"
Kirstin: "Because they eat people!!!"
Daddy: "you mean cannibals?"


So if you are Canadian or love a Canadian, don't worry
we have nothing against you.
But unfortunately you apparently sorta song similar to cannibal.....
After all, someday we wanna see this.
Niagara Falls at night.

But, if you are anything like this....
I'm sorry but we can't be friends.

I am proud of my daughter for not only thinking of herself during prayers.
She has a good heart.

I'm thankful for her genuine sweetness.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversations that make me laugh

While I was editing some pictures on the computer-
Derek:"whose that?"
Me: "What other bearded man do I love?"
Derek: "Jesus"

Kylie came up stairs where I was cleaning up-
Me: "Kylie where did you get that sucker, it's almost dinner time"
Kylie: " Serene gave it to me"
(serene=10 yr old lab)
Me: "Oh really, she did"
Kylie: "yeah mom, she jumped up on the counter and then gave it to me"

Kaveri: " dad, I need toilet paper"
Dad: "why didn't you ask me when i was standing right there"
Kaveri: "I did, you didn't hear me......Ask Jesus"

Me: "MiKayle are you poo-pooing"
MiKayla: " uh-huh"
as she runs away

Kylie: "mom can I have a snack?"
Me:"sure what would you like"
Kylie: " some pepper mints"
Me:"um that's not a snack, but you can have one"
i go to the counter to get one
Kylie: "no mom"
going to the fig
Kylie: " these pepper mints"
yes- Kylie loves to eat raw peppers:)

Kirstin: "you know Jack Sparrow is breakin' up after 13 years and two kids"
Me: "where did you hear that"
Kirstin: "I read it on the front of your magazine in the bathroom"
Me-laughing: "your not supposed to read that"
Kirstin: "mom, Jack Sparrow looks weird without his hair in braids"
(she is referring to Johnny Depp of course)

I am thankful for those times you laugh at things that aren't really supposed to  be funny:)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE when all four of my girls are together and
I hear them all laughing!
One of my favorites.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We Went SLEDDING!!!!

Friday night it started to snow before bed.
By the morning we had six + inches.
Our friends called and asked if we wanted to go sledding out on their land.
I have never been sledding in my entire life so I was just as 
excited as the girls.
We put on enough layers to stay warm for the 14 degree weather
and we had just enough layers on to barely be able to walk :)

Kirstin was spinning down the hill

Cheers-Screams-and Laughter all around
Some awesome action shots

Kirstin, Emma,Kaveri, and Kylie on one wooden sled, they were flyin'
That's Tuck snowboard/sled/surfing

Derek and Tuck built a jump. The only ones that really flew were 
Kirstin and Emma. Dang, no pictures.
Me and MiKayla went a few times
My pig tails look like a beard. LOL

The snow is beautiful.
Their land looked like the south pole.
No one had walked in it yet so it was like a crisp white blanket.
We even saw some deer.
I just kept thinking "I wish my sister and brother were here"

We stayed out there playing in the snow for three hours.
By the time sunday came my poor Derek was in so much pain.
He was laid up on the couch the entire day with a 
heating pad on his ankle,knee, and back.
He is such a good daddy indulging his girls in some snow play.

I am thankful for him.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Guess what?
Remember that list of crafty wants.
Well I stumbled on some old small wooden shutters on craigslist for ten bucks:)
So we went to Ace Hardware to find some L - brackets to turn four of
them into shelves for our kitchen.
Oh yeah awesome.

Well when we walked outta the store this crazy wind nearly 
knocked us over. Then came the rain.
But, on the way home the rain stopped and we got a rainbow.
Kirstin: "lets got to the end of the rainbow and get a pot of gold"

Kaveri: "it's so beautiful"
Kylie: "I want to eat it"
(Oh my make me smile)
I like the rain drops on the window in front of the rainbow.
Derek to the girls: "God gave us rainbows to remind us of his promise to never flood the earth again"

Thank you Lord for your promises.
Thank you for the beautiful things you create.
They make us smile.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Mom

Yesterday, January 21st, was my mom's birthday.
She is a very special lady to me.
So i made this list for her.

10 Reasons why I can't live without my Mom:
1.- She loves the Lord

2.-Literally every single picture I have ever taken of her, the first thing out of her mouth when she sees the picture is
"why didn't you tell me my hair looks like that"
And my response is always "because it looks fine"

3.-She is a Health Nut
Her house contains tons of vitamins,minerals,creams,oils,homemade toothpaste & deodorant,
and lots of strange food.
If you feel ill, she has a pill!

4.-She can't make up her mind to save a life.
-if my mom had to pick out an outfit to purchase in 30 minutes or less to save your life......
I'm sorry but you would die ;-)

5.-She is hilarious on accident.
example #1: If you complain of a headache, it's prolly a brain tumor.
example #2: She made some homemade "healthy" cornbread.
After pulling it out of the oven and tasting it she says"mmmmmmmmm"
(like it taste good)
but then says "this taste horrible"

6.-If there is birthday cake or brownies in the house and she goes missing,
she has quietly snuck off to eat it!
That being said I hope she had some yummy cake for her birthday.

7.-I can't get off the phone with her with out telling her I love her b/c that's how I really feel.

8.- She is working so hard for my brother.

9. -My girls really fell in love with her while she lived by us.
She is a good Nana.

10. -She laughs at everything I say and that makes me feel special.
I like to make her smile:)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of us when i was little.
 Oh fiery red Farrah Fawcett hair:)

I had one more picture but.....
after scanning two pictures my printer decided to not scan anymore:(

I love you mom.
I am thankful for you!
You are a special woman.
Happy Birthday.

Snow Fun

We had snow last weekend and a visitor.
Papa Jeff (my mom's husband)
He's working in the north for a bit so hopefully we will get a 
few visits from him:)

We got our bible groove on.
We watched some football.
Did some good cooking.
Played in the snow!

Kylie trying to feed snow to Papa.
Kaveri and Kylie eating snow.
We had a snowball fight. 

Daddy made and hoarded some snowballs.
MiKayla just wanted to eat the snowballs.

Happy Times!

Jeff is a transporter and sleeps many nights in his truck.
During the week his truck is his home.
I'm so thankful for our home.
It's our shelter.
I know that God has given us our house.
Sometimes I think we need more space.
But I try to remember that there are people who have much less than us.
Families as big or even bigger than ours and they have less space.
I do love our house with our red front door:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Style

I thought since it was a new year
I should give my blog a face lift of sorts.
Unfortunately, it took me a few weeks to get to it 
but, I love it.

there is alot of info out there on designing blogs.
I decided to go with a shabby-chic style.

It feels like my crafty style has swayed that way
over the last few months so it only seemed natural.

I even made some of my own buttons on the right side:)

Yes, I'm bragging! 
This sucker took me lots of late nights looking for the 
tutorials to speak
computer code language.
So toot-toot on my horn!

I'm proud of myself.
What do you think???

Tonight I'm thankful for my creative side.
I love when an idea gets in my head like a literal lightbulb. And when I complete a project it feels like fire works are going off. That first week when I look at something that I /we have finished and I just smile:)
I am blessed! 

Friday, January 13, 2012


You know it's cold when:
- when it gets dark by 5:00
-your chin quivers uncontrollably
-your body shakes so bad it hurts your back
-you have to shovel the walk way

-you can see your the car!
-snot is running out of your nose......and you can't feel it
-you wear three or more layers
- you can make and eat these
-everyone sleeps in feety pj's
-you go into hibernation mode
-school is canceled
-your dog has a sweater on
-the river is one big ice cube
-when you build a snow-woman and then she's complaining
It is freakin' freezing!
It's snowing outside.
We've been waiting for a good snow so it's ok.
We have to push the dogs out to pee.
The high today is 20 with single digits tonight.
There is a winter advisory. Good thing I went grocery shopping lastnight.

I'm going to give you 2-thankful fors- b/c I forgot one on my last post.
#1- I'm thankful for our warm beds.
There is literally homeless people sleeping under bridges
in make shift box houses.
We saw them. It makes me so sad.
I'm praying some how they will stay warm.
#2-I'm thankful for our car. It's not new. It's not awesome.
But, it gets up from point A to point B safely.
It has heat and air and even music:)
I'm so glad we don't have to rely on public transportation.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Brave Girls

It all started with a trip to the mall.
We went out to the "big shopping" area so I could purchase my dress for my sister's wedding.
While at the mall we passed a jewelry place.
Kaveri looked at the earrings and asked when she could wear some.
This question comes up often.
Every time Kirstin gets new earrings or puts different ones on.
I have gotten Kaveri and Kylie a few pairs of clip on earrings.
They do wear them and love them, but lately they have been asking for "real" ones.
Ok, so back to the mall.
Daddy says, well you want to get them pierced.
Kirtsin was cheering them on.
"you can do it"
"it only hurts for second"
"you can be like me"
We walked the mall while they thought about it.
Kylie was all for it from the beginning,
Kaveri said she wanted to wait a while.
Then we passed another jewelry place and.....she was ready.
"are you sure, are you sure, are you sure"
I was terrified!

Kaveri chose some pink flowers.
She cried for about 90 seconds after the first one.
Then she calmed down and got the second one.
She cried for about another minute. So quietly, into my shoulder.
Then she looked in the mirror. She loved them!

Then it was Kylie's turn.
I thought she'd change her mind after seeing Kaveri.
But instead, she was saying:
"this is taking to long.when can I go. hurry up."

As I filled out her paper work it asked her age. I wrote 3 and I just couldn't believe
my 3 year old wanted to get her ears pierced!
She picked put some purple flowers.
She got her first ear tears.
Looked in the mirror and was ready for the second one.
Second one tears. Quick look in the mirror and she was
ready to go to the playground.
I asked her if it hurt."Nope!"

They were both looking at eachothers and giggling with proud excitement.
We went to the playground where the told and showed everyone who would listen.
I still sat there in shock.
Three out of four of my girls has their ears pierced.
How did that happen?

We have to clean them twice a day. Before bed and when they wake up.
Lastnight they reminded me.
This morning it was the first thing they said.
Daddy knew they could do it!!

I'm one proud mamma!!!
Kirstin waited to get her ears pierced till she was 5. She is
very impressed with her sisters'.