Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kaveri Turns 11!

It's so crazy that my little Kaveri is 11!
There was a Matisyahu concert right before
her birthday and she really wanted to go.
It was at a real concert venue on a Friday night
and she was gonna stay out late with her dad!

First they had Starbucks double chocolate frappes
with extra whipped cream.
Next, they headed for the concert where no camera flashes
were allowed and these two sillies struggled to take a selfie for mom.
Seriously, this was the best one out of 10!
Then they headed our for a late night dinner in downtown 
Philly steak and cheese with hand cut fries:)
She had the best time! They got home after midnight
and she ran upstairs to tell me all about it!

And like the sweet sister she is, she always lets Daniel 
blow out her candles.

Kaveri is really coming out of her shell this year.
It has been a great school year for her.
She is known as the second mom in the house
and we depend on her so much.
She recently told me she has no interest in
being a "career woman" all she really wants to
do is be a mommy.
She loves to organize her things
and she is a slime making master!
She's a sassy sister and has a great throwing arm.
It hurts!!!

We Love You Kaveri Gene!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

MiKayla's First Grade Program

This little cutie had a speaking part 
and the school actually sang 
the dreidel song and she was so excited for me to see it.
  I recorded the whole thing,
except instead of pushing record i pushed 
pause and held my phone up the
entire time for nothing (insert crying face)
Total mom fail.....

She was in the front row looking adorable as ever 
and I just love her so much!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hanukkah 2017

Warning Picture HEAVY!

Hanukkah here we come!

It's a frenzy!

Gabriella is currently Frozen everything
and Daniel is batman obsessed!

Right in the middle of Hanukkah we had a beautful
fluffy snow. Even though we were all sick we had
to play outside for a little bit.

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel we made it out of clay.....

He took the game very serious this year and won at least once.

Don't forget to be the light this year!