Tuesday, July 10, 2018

IT's the Middle of Summer Y'all!

We dug out some of Derek's childhood
toys (He-Man,Star Wars,G.I. Joe) and
gave them all a good scrub. 
Lots of fun for everyone :)

Yes it is the middle of summer and yes MiKayla
wears pants and SOCKS 24/7.
I can not even count how many packs of pjs 
and socks that she goes through a year.
But, she does have the softest feet😄
Derek took down the massive dying tree in the front yard.
Then he made everyone ninja outfits.
They had a ton of fun.

Warm clean clothes, his favorite.

Big baby.

They kept dipping their hair in the pool
and letting it slap them in the face and they
laughed and laughed 🤣

This girl took summer school to get ahead.
she had 4 weeks to do over 550 assignments,
essays, and test for 2 subjects.
She did it in 1 week.
She's clumsy, not very athletic, but
when it comes to school she goes
into beast mode!

Kylie is a big crafter. She impresses me all the time.
80 % of her fairy garden was made of clay and then baked.
So cute! 
 All 6 kids LOVE slime. For all you 
mama's, any slime that gets on furniture or carpet
vinegar and a hot washcloth will get it out :)

We've been staying up too late, jumping in the sprinkler,
having dance parties, playing flash light hide & go seek,
eating ice cream, and catching fire-flies!

Hope everyone is having just as much fun💗🌞💗

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Finishing the Birthday Season

This little lady just turned 8!
Heading in to second grade.
She wrote out her birthday list of
places to go and what she wanted at each place.
Claire's - a JOJO bow
Children's Place-clothes and pjs
Target-shoes and head bands and
a few more JOJO bows
Panera-Bowl of Broccoli cheddar soup

After her big day we headed home for a fire and 

Kirstin turned 16.
All of the sudden,
we woke up with a 16 year old.
How? How?

She always request cheese cake. 
I really need to learn how to make one for her.


She has done some practice driving with Derek.
She requested some clothes, nose ring, and 
some slime :) Pretty easy shopping for mama.

Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's The End of the World! Just Kidding. It's the End of the School Year!

The end of the school year means ALL the school programs.

Adorable MiKayla was front and center because
she a little mini of course!

Kaveri's program was a story telling with fun characters
and lots of singing.
In case it wasn't clear, we were in the WAY back.
As in the very last row 🤣

This year dad was the Honor's banquet
date. They looked so snazzy!

Top of the 10th grade!
We are crazy proud!
GPA 4.0389 !!!
This is her bestie. She skipped a grade
so she is actually a year younger than Kirstin
but much taller! Again, our kids are minis 😄

We didn't have the best seats for Kylie's either.
We try our best guys but there was 200 other parents in 
there rudely blocking us😁

Good-bye 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade,
and 10th grade 👋