Monday, December 4, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Watching Frozen for the 100th time.

She is currently only wearing princess dresses
that are too big, tons of lipsticks, and her brothers hockey
"batman" gloves to throw off while singing
'Let It Go.'

Kirstin made the fillings for the three pies and did gravy.
Kaveri made sweet potato souffle.
Kylie helped with pie crust and whipping cream.
MiKayla made green-bean casserole.
Daniel licked 10 spoons.
Dad made mashed potatoes and I made the 
two hens with crispy skin!
Thanks for the challah bread gramma D.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Thankful for my peeps!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

All By Herself- Is That Really Such a Good Thing?

So here's the story.
Gabriella cracked her clavicle 
at the end of May.
By this time she was 85% potty trained.
She picked it up very quickly.
After her accident she regressed....a lot.
It seems as though she just doesn't 
have time to stop and ask to go potty
or maybe she looks at like a job/chore.
See picture below.

Whatever the case may be we don't push
it because she still has a few months
before she is three and we have had 1 or 2
other children who had some regression in the past.
It typically isn't to much of an issue.

I will randomly ask her if she wants to go potty.
Sometimes she will, others times she runs away.
If she has a number two in her diaper
I will often put it in the potty and say things like
"this is where we go poo-poo"
"big girls go poo-poo in the potty"
Just some parental encouragement if you will.
Then I let her flush the toilet and we clap.

Well, I was in the shower and I heard her 
come in the bathroom. She was chattering.
She often hears me in the shower and
will come get in with me.
So nothing new. 
But then I hear the toilet lid open.
I look out just in time to see
her put her poop from her diaper in the toilet.
And then of course she flushed the
toilet and threw her hands
in the air with a big girl,
proud of herself smile.

I have OCD and I am a germophobe.
Yes, I have 6 children and 3 dogs,
so I am aware of the fact that germs 
are all up in our house and there's no escaping that.
We most likely clean and sanitize 
more often than your typical family.
So just in case your wondering

Happy Parenting Everyone.
That is all.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Trick or Treat 2017

You know what I hate?
When the day before Halloween its 60 with sunshine
and when it comes time to trick or treat
it's 40 with 100% chance of rain  :(((
If you want to risk taking your camera 
outside for pictures be ready for lots of blurry ones.

We have Harley Quinn who headed off to a teen party.
An eskimo girl, Rainbow Brite, Batman, A crazy cat lady, 
and a black kitty cat.
Gabriella wanted to be a superhero
like her big brother so she wore 
a super girl dress and a spiderman hoodie.

-screamed by every one of our children throughout the evening.

Hoping for better weather next year.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Back To School They Go

Officially a 10th grader.

She is doing well in her classes so far and 
enjoying her school year. 
She is super excited that football season
has started.
Go Vikings!
These cuties!!!

1st, 3rd, and 5th! 
They are so big it makes me sad.
The big girls are now in the same school building and 
pick up the MiKayla everyday after school.

Each girl has their bestie in the same classroom.
They were thrilled.
MiKayla's teacher has already emailed me
letting me know what a rock-star student 
and what every teacher dreams of.
This big boy tags along every morning
 for school drop off and he LOVES it!
Per our usual first day of school tradition we had icecream.

So far so good.
Praying the school year continues
without any hiccups. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

End of Summer Visitors-Part 3-The Finally

And that's it!
That was a lot of pictures for a visit
that lasted from monday-thursday.
Pittsburgh trips included:
*the Zoo
*a picnic at the park
*Authentic French Bakery
*a walk around one of our very
old cemeteries
*the spray park
*the dancing waterfalls on the river walk
and finally a trip to the Point
which is where the three rivers meet.
It's right in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh
and one of our favorite places.

It was a jam packed fun visit.
Gabriella kept us extra busy and a little stressed.
All of the kids had a great time with their cousins.
I still can't believe Gramma and Sarah made the drive
and how fast the visit went.
I'm sure they are already planning their next drive up ;-))))