Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Look MORE Pictures!!

Second Photo Shoot was a fall shoot.
Again, I lost most of the pictures on my laptop
and haven't gotten them on a usb yet.
She took 100s of beautiful pictures.
We have never had our pictures taken before
and they truly make my mama heart burst!
I framed SO MANY and printed over 300!!

PRICELESS pictures for this mama💙💙💙

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Look It's Pictures!

My good friend and another mother of 6, just
so happens to be a professional photographer.
She so sweetly offered to take our pics  and 
these are some of my favorites:)

**Be aware the next few posts will be picture heavy**
Sadly my laptop crashed and died. I lost almost
all of the pictures so after you scroll through the ones
I did have follow this link:


All 166!
They are awesome!

You will have to download flash player.
Don;t worry it is 100% safe:)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

He's Growing Fast!

Samson is now 9 months old.
Still technically a pup yet he's
bigger than more breeds already.

Helping dad take the girls to school.

In case you were wondering, he loves snuggles
and he has no idea what the meaning of 
person space is.

The boy is very much in love with "his" puppy.

He is so long!

Look closely, little Jonah is in the middle :)

When Samson and Shiloh play,
Jonah watches from on top of the couch 
and barks. It's the only safe way he can 
join in the rough housing.

****It is quite annoying.****
And why do they always need to play when
I'm making a phone call?!

Real life, back of the ugly basement door.
We really wanted to see how much he would grow so 
he gets weighed and measured on the first of every month.
He's up to 78 lbs.

Samson is still in that overzealous, excited, hyper 
growing pup stage but
he is maturing and 
follows commands pretty well.
He can sit, lay, shake both paws, 
and speak/bark.
We have not mastered how to 
not go crazy when the door bell rings
and he is leery of new people.
But he is quickly become a big part of our lives.

Love ya Sammie!