Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Edition of Funny Kid Conversations

Kylie: " mom when I get older I'm gonna get married "
me: "and your gonna have babies?"
Kylie: "no mom, we're gonna
 play ninja turtles with masks and swords"

Derek sarcastically:"are you gonna grace us with your presence?"
Kirstin: "who said anything about getting presents!"

Me: "Kylie why are you pushing all my buttons today!?!"
Kylie:" What buttons?"

Kirstin: " Mom was there ice-cream when u where a kid"
Me: "no i must have been born before the dinosaurs"

Me: "what's all over your leg?"
MiKayla: "color"   (pen marks)
Me:"who did that"
MiKayla:" the baby"
Me:"what baby"
MiKayla: "the baby in mamma's tummy"

Kylie: "Kaveri has a nipple"
Me: "everybody has nipples"
Kylie: "Kaveri has a nipple on her face"
Kirstin: "she means pimple mom"
Me laughing: "that's a bug bite"

Kaveri in bed:"i don't wanna go to school.It's cold and I'm tired."
Kylie:"but Kaveri, your gonna see Isabella and Logan and
 that guy that stares at you and that guy that picks his boogers & eats them"

Kaveri walking by Kylie: " Kylie I just tooted on you!"

MiKayla about 100X a day: 
"Don't ever do that again"
"Don't ever say that again"

William: "when I clean the tub do i have to lift up the no slip mat?"
Me giving him the really eyes : "um yeah, we clean under rugs around here"
William: " aw man"

Emma: "you want an apple"
Kirstin:" I like apples I just don't like to eat them"

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow Day #2

So two days after the first big snow 
we got maybe another 6(ish) inches.
After lunch we headed out to play.
Derek attached suspenders to my snow pants b/c I had to
 leave them unzipped.
Daniel was a toasty bun in my oven.
 MiKayla finally braved the cold and then ate the snow off the bushes.

Snow angels

The way it sits on the bushes and trees is beautiful.
My lovely ladies.

I love the snow, I only wish we had our cousins to play with.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Big Snow At the End of 2012

The day after Christmas we had a pretty big snow.
Somewhere around six inches
maybe more I'm not sure.

MiKayla decided she didn't like the cold 
and insisted on sitting on the front porch.
Then she feel asleep and I wrapped her in a blanket
but left her on the porch so I could hear her.
Derek built a serious snowball bunker.
Mom and Dad against the kids!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Like I said in my earlier post, we had all been
 recouping from the flu.
Our bodies were exhausted still.
So Christmas eve we watched Ice Age 4
and headed to bed.
The girls all slept in till 10!

The themes of the day were legos, play-doh, pop the pig,
lalaloopsy, and wii dance.

We missed the TX family but
it was a good day.

Happy New Years Peeps!