Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kylie turns 8!

Kylie is such a fun spirited girl.
I can't believe she is 8. 
She is the co-leader of her 
girl squad at school.
She sticks up for her besties.
She has been known to threaten the mean boys
"Have you seen my dad and his big beard?" 
Kylie is our most spunky child and 
it is just a wonderful quality that continues to grow.
She is very athletic and by far has the craziest style.
She has been known to wear high heels, jeans, shirt and a vest
all in different patterns and colors 
with hot pink lipstick and she just throws up a peace sign!
Love Love Love Her!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spiderman turned 3

Yep that's a spider INSIDE the cake....
I'm a pretty cool mom :)

I am still in shock that my baby boy is 3.
I am in love with everything about him.
He likes what he likes and you can't change it.
He loves his Paw Patrol snow boots.....
even when is in the 60's.
He will only wear spiderman undies.
He loves to wear his hat whenever he leaves the house.
His current favorites are Spiderman, Spongebob, Minions,
Ninja turtles, and Paw patrol.

He is rough and very strong. 
He jumps and climbs on everything.
He is still very shy and continues to be 
very particular with who he will give a smile to.
I can't imagine life with out my son. 
Daniel Eliyahu I love you so very much!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Their Trip to the BIG Apple- New York-2016

Times Square

You pay two dollars PER character to take a picture with them.
Fun way to make a living!

Riding the subway

Central Park

Central Park

Central Park

From the top of the Empire State Building

Top of the Empire State Building

Shopping in China Town

Ellis Island 

Top of Empire State Building

Times Square

Central Park

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Kirstin said she had the most fabulous time.
Her favorite part was seeing The Lion King
on Broadway. The choreography and costumes
were amazing.
She loved all the walking around and
exploring they did. Taking the subway and all
the new food.

We are so very jealous grateful that she got to have such
a wonderful trip with her gramma, uncle,
and cousin.

Kirstin has been talking about New York for days.
She will always truly cherish her
coming of age trip to the BIG APPLE!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gabriella Turned 1

My last sweet baby had her first birthday.
Insert all the sad mom tears.

that pink icing was so tasty she had to lick it off the bumbo

Gramma made it for her birthday too.

Rainbow sprinkle cake

The boy..... He is always being silly.

Of course little miss needed an after cake bath :)

Her two big front teeth are one of my
very favorites!!!

Gabriella has been walking for about 2 months.
She's a petite miss.
Weighing almost 17 lbs
The Lord knows she's a shorty.
Most people think she's 7 months old.
Gabriella loves climbing the stairs and 
dumping out the dog food.
She is always smiling, hates the car seat,
doesn't care much for actual food.
3 or 4 bites then she'd rather feed the dogs.

Gabriella Emi, you are the cutest little 
bald baby and we all adore you.