Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Honors Banquet A Choir Concert + The GPA Luncheon

With the school year coming to an end things 
are CRAZY busy around here. 

Let's start with the freshman!
Out of 100s of freshman she is
in the TOP 10 of 9th grade!!!

We attended an honors banquet for the top 10 of 
each high school grade where they received their awards.
These are the top 10 freshman.

Then she had her music concert at the high school.

And we rounded out the year with the Highest GPA Luncheon.

We are over the moon so proud of Kirstin.
She studied very hard all year and made straight A's.
Her favorite classes this year were Spanish,Math,
and Choir.

Sophomore year here we come!!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Cracked Clavicle

About three weeks ago the littlest lady took a tumble
off of her chair. Only about 2 ft off the ground and landed on
the carpet but landed just wrong and cracked
her clavicle.
We spent a few hours in the emergency room
with lots of tears from her and us.

We were told that they don't prefer to cast anything
and sent us home with a little sling and
 no pain meds.
For the first week she refused to leave the bed or 
even sit up. 
She was in  a lot of pain and it was so sad.

She had her tablet and toys and we just made the best
of the situation.
We all basically hung out upstairs with her for the week.

After a week we finally moved to the couch.
She was wobbly and weak but happy to be downstairs.
A few days after that she finally agreed walk around a bit.
Her brother did lots of special things to keep her laughing.
Mostly all too fast for my camera to catch!

She is now refusing the sling. It irritates her neck.
She is mostly back to her old self.
We are having trouble getting her to take it easy which 
means she gets sore often:(((
Thank you everyone for all the prayers!