Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Summer Surprise

It has been 3 years since our beloved Natas passed
away from a heart tumor.

Natas wasn't just our family pet.
Derek left him to protect us while he was 
in Iraq. He returned home to an excited loyal friend.
He sat up many of sleepless nights with Derek
and provided something special for him.
Helped him with his anxieties.
Truly a companion.

Shortly afterward Natas passed we got Jonah to
help heal our broken hearts.

1 year later we went to a yard sale and I just
couldn't leave this sweet boxer puppy behind.
A week later we found out that we were
pregnant with Gabriella so
I'm guessing I couldn't resist the mothering urge:)
And Shiloh is one of the best dogs we have ever had.

So let's fast forward to now.
For the past three years Derek sends me
Doberman puppy ads almost monthly like clockwork.
He has a void.
I have known this for a long time.
 In the past I had
reached out to a few programs that help 
match a veteran with PTSD with a dog companion.
I had even reached out to a few breeders.
Well, the veteran program has a very long waiting
list and most breeders aren't to keen on
giving away a 1500 dollar dog.
I know, go figure.

Until now!
This 10 week old puppy 
was offered to us. 
To Derek.
2 days later we went and picked this sweet boy up:)

Derek doesn't ask for much,
almost never.
He is a humble sweet man.
Most people don't know his daily
He deserves to be happy. 
He deserves to have a 
puppy that he can connect with
on a deeper level.
He deserves to have a void filled 
and I know this will help with his anxiety.

Shiloh was totally scared of him:)

The bearded man is in love, all
the children are in love, and
I'm pretty smitten myself.

Am I looking forward to the large
clumsy puppy year?
Not really.
But seeing a certain smile 
on my husbands face
can bring tears to my eyes.

So meet Samson.

p.s I wouldn't mind if you sent a few prayers our way
for the training process ;-)

Friday, July 7, 2017

Kid Conversations 2017

Kylie:"last night I woke up to pee and MiKayla wasn't in bed,
I started crying and woke up Kaveri because I thought 
she was eaten by zombies"
Kaveri:" yeah so I walked her to the bathroom 
and we held hands in case there was any in the hall"

Me:"what's wrong?"
Kaveri-"My stomach hurts. It feels like
there's a war going on in there and my side is losing!"

***MiKayla giving me a doctors examine with her toys***
Me: "well doctor, what does it look like"
MiKayla; "well this is your diagnosis.....
you have a toy stuck in your head so we need
to cut off all your hair and do brain surgery. Plus,
your toe needs to be cut off because it has
an infection. OH!!! you also have jiggly arms like jello"
**after my brain surgery she said it wasn't successful
and I "would have to come back to get your old lady head cut off
and I will attach a new lady head next week."
She's a real miracle worker although we didn't find  a
cure for my jello arms....

Kirstin: "I made a new friend.
I think he likes me. He brought me a frosty
and EXTRA chicken nuggets"

While waiting in a long line at the post office the man in
front of me made some conversation.
He was around 70.
Him:"I saw a store called '5 Below' so
I decided to go check it out.
Me: "did you see anything you liked?"
Him:" NO! I thought it was a store for when its below
5 degrees outside but instead it's filled with
a bunch of China made crappy toys!"

MiKayla: " Shiloh's hair is in our bed.
It's like she is falling apart!"

MiKayla while crying:"Mom Kylie is burping in our room
and not saying excuse me.It's getting in the air and up my nose!"

Me:"what time is it?"
MiKayla: "It's wake o'clock"

Daniel in a total serious voice: "Dad, are you downstairs or
did you get eaten by zombies?"

The family was watching the 90s movie 'The Secret Garden'
Me: " I would die to live in a castle like that with all those
beautiful gardens"
Daniel:" No mommy, please don't die in the garden"