Friday, July 31, 2015

Swimming-Summer 2015

Our friends have a heated pool
which is good bc most days its not quite
hot enough for swimming without shivering.
(we have had 90 degrees this week so no heat needed)

There was some racing.

Kirstin won, followed by Isabella and Kaveri.

We also brought Amira.
She can't swim and we were prepared!!!

Lots of game playing and giggling.

Hope your having some swimming fun too :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Gabriella- age 4 months-2015

Gabriella Emi-
Sweet little pumpkin who loves lots of attention.

Look at those little leg roles!
Squishy thighs are my favorite.

cute baby toes are my weakness.

We have entered the VERY smiley baby phase :)
You are so patient with your sometimes to rough
big brother.
You can sleep through almost anything.
Loud laughter, screaming, wii playing,
dogs barking.....the list is long.
You are so beautiful. Every time we are out and about we
 get comments about how pretty you are.

Your eyes are a different color than 
the entire family.
All of us were born with and continue to have brown eyes.
But not you. They are yet to be determined and change 
on a daily basis.

11 lbs 4 oz
rolling over, laughing, and has a very strong grip!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kaveri- Age 8- 2015

Kaveri: sweet, loving, motherly,girly,
and loud

You are so girly, I'm not sure where
you get it from. You love dresses and skirts.
Lipstick and high heels.

Your hair is so long and thick.
You almost cried when we got it trimmed.
You can already style it on your own.

Daniel loves you so much.
You are his favorite. When he
sees you after school he squeals with happiness.
He looks at you like a second mama.
You carry him around and lay in bed together
just hanging out.
Let's look closer ...

Your teacher told
me that you are so quiet at school that sometimes she
has to actually bend over to hear what you are saying.
But when you get home you always talk excitedly
and laugh the loudest. You tell your stories
with passion.

Sing. Sing. Sing.
You sing everyday. While you
brush your hair, while you make your
cereal, and when you are holding
your brother. Sometimes I walk
by and sneak a peak of you singing
in the mirror. You want to be a
"not the bad kind,the good kind"

You are creative.
You do things with thought and purpose.
You love to help out cleaning windows,
hanging up clothes, and picking
up all the toys without being asked.

Kaveri you are beautiful and full of life.
You have one of a kind qualities.
We are so proud of the little lady you 
have grown into.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kirstin-Age 13-2015

Kirstin: smart, loyal, strong willed,
beautiful and funny

Our first teenager!
Me and Daddy call you Renee.
No one else calls you that, not even
your sisters. Its special, your special.
Your long, thick hair makes you look 
so much older.This year strangers have been
asking if we are sisters.
You roll your eyes and laugh every single time.
You are witty and have a quick sarcastic tongue.
You remind me of my teenage self.
You tell jokes all the time.
" What do you call a man with a rubber toe?"
"Why didn't the skeleton go to the party"
"-because he had NO BODY to go with"

You love on Daniel and Gabriella everyday.
You hate it if either one of them cries, even for 
just a second.

Your favorite snack right now is dr. pepper 
and onion rings.
I hate buying both and i refuse to almost every week.
Somehow you have convinced your dad to take you 
to get dr. pepper on a few random nights.

You love scary, thriller,mystery movies.
But you watch them with a light on.
You hate wearing your hair up but you wear 
a side braid on occasion.
You consider yourself a tom-boy and you
desperately want a skateboard. We are convinced 
you will break bones so we have been putting
off getting you one for over a year.
You love music and Blink 182 is your favorite band.
You are begging for a nose piercing and
we are considering it.

Your best friend since first grade is Emma.
You are quick to defend her if need be and you guys
share a special bond.
But my favorite bond to see is you and Kaveri.
You share secrets and laughs.
I love to walk by the door and hear you guys 

It has been so special watching you grow
into a young woman.