Friday, May 16, 2014

He's One and She is Six

We had a Frozen themed party for Daniel and Kylie
per her request.

we had hanging snowflakes and tons of blue, white, and silver decor
everywhere. And yep, I made the cakes:)

As you can see, he wasn't that thrilled.
But she was :)

once everyone started singing and Kylie was full of smiles,
then he got excited.

Besides his few bites of icecream, this was his real 
first sugar and he really liked it!

The day was so much fun. 
It was hard watching Daniel turn one.
He weighs 17 1/2 lbs so he looks about 
9 months old and that helps ;-)

My sweet six year old will be officially headed to school next year
which hurts my heart. Her and MiKayla are so close and they
play so well. This summer will be bitter sweet.
He STILL doesn't give the smiles up easy.
UNLESS I'm involved :)))))

Kirstin and MiKayla decided on a rainbow party at the 
end of this month so i have lots of cake ideas 
swirling around in my head:)

My babes are all growing and its hard for this mama!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

His First Steps

This is a little late.
He started walking the same week as his first birthday.

He is in full walk mode now and does great:)