Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kid Conversations- First Addition-2016

Kaveri: "I love these chicken peas"
Me: "they're chick peas"

Kirstin:" Is that Channing Tatum?"
Me: "that's Caitlyn Jenner"

MiKayla:" we're out of mouth soap"
Me: "do you mean toothpaste?"

Kirstin: "I'm so tired of all these lazy people and their population"
Me: " what are you talking about?"
Kirstin: "just look at all the trash!"
Me: "you mean pollution!"

Derek: "boys think with their penis's, you have to be careful"
Kirstin: "oh my gosh dad don't say that word, just say GENTILES"
Derek:" do you mean genitals?"

Kaveri: "When I grow up I want to be a doctor,
a hair stylist,........oooorrrrrrr maybe
a waitress"

MiKayla: "I just love caploons!"
Kylie: "I know right. "
Me: "they are actually called BALLOONS"
Kylie:"thats what we said, caploons"

Kirstin: "mom we are out of migraine"
Me:" do you mean margarine?"

Kylie:" MOM cutting is my life!"
Me: "cutting?"
Kylie: " yeah, cutting fruits and veggies is sooooo awesome"

Daniel:" mom, weenie. weenie. WEENIEEEE!"
Me: (walk him to the bathroom) "you need to peepee?"
Daniel: (walks me to the living room)
"noooooo MOM, T.V!"