Friday, September 23, 2016

Grandpa's Visit-Part 2

We got to celebrate his birthday.
Of course Daniel helped blow out the candles.

FYI-Poor MiKayla was watching videos on
her tablet holding it above her head.
She dropped it.....right on her little eye :(

In case you are wondering where the teenage girl was....
right here. In bed. Listening to music on her phone.
Being a teenager....

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Grandpa Jeff Came to Visit-Part 1

Grandpa came to visit in August.
Everyone was so excited and counting
down the days that he was to arrive.

He always captures the BEST pictures!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh Snap School Started!

Here we have a very nervous 9th grader.
She has been in cyber school the last 3 years.
She did amazing and made straight A's the entire time.
Its time to give high school a try.

We were not allowed to tour the high school so she had
one of her besties ride to school with her and walk 
her around for the first day.

These little ladies slept in hot pink rollers so they
could all all curly pony tails.
The whole house was full of nervous jitters.

This kindergartner didn't shed a single tear!

Per our usual first day of school tradition-


This year we managed to have a highschooler
and a kindergartner.
 Its a lot for a mom to handle!
In five years we will get to do it all again with Kaveri and Gabriella.

MiKayla already had a note sent home letting us know
how independent she is ,how well she listens and follows instructions,
and how great her work is.
I catch her trying to sneak extra treats in her lunchbox
for her friends.

Kylie has made some new friends. Already trading
pencils, stickers, and all other small supplies.
Of course she is complaining that 2nd grade has more work.
We saw one of her new friends walking with her mom
and Kylie rolled the window down  screaming her name in excitement.
However, it almost gave them a heart attack.

This year Kaveri walks from her school down to
Kylie's school.
 (one block with a buddy +lots of other students)
They wait together to get picked up.
She really enjoys it and feels like a real big girl.
She has been receiving lots of phone calls
from new friends.

Kirstin is in honors classes.
So far her favorites are spanish and history.
She has made lots of friends and already
attended the first football and soccer games!
She gets daily compliments on her long hair.
So far she is enjoying high school.