Monday, June 29, 2015

Jeff Beck-We Love You

We recently lost a man that
was very dear to our family

When he met my mother he told her
he had prayed for her.
A strong red headed woman.
They fell in love instantly.

Children flocked to him.
Always climbing him like a tree.

From the time Kylie was a toddler up until this past winter ,
she would rub his "smooth" head and giggle.

He never met a person who didn't love his smile.
His laugh was was hearty and contagious.

He had so much love for his family and would do anything 
to support them, including
driving many hours and thousands of miles daily in his big rig.
He immediately opened his heart to my brother.
As William grew older he was not just 
his wife's son but his true friend and biggest supporter.
I know his heart is heavy but
all of the encouraging words will be with William for
the rest of his life.

Jeff loved his daughter Jaelyn with all of his heart.
They had a very close and special bond.
They spoke often and he loved their one-on-one time.

At 6 ft 3 he stood taller than us all, he could have hugged our
whole family at once.

He was always a generous and cheerful giver.
Always wanting to do more for others.
Everyone who knew him felt that fruit.

We are all so thankful to have gotten to spend time with them
last summer. Jeff fried the fresh caught fish and everyone
agreed it was some of the best!

These men. Jeff, Derek, Will and William, they are family.
They are friends. I loved seeing them talking and laughing.
Time would escape them. 
They live miles apart but when together it was if
they never missed a beat.

His most recent visit with his daughter will 
forever be in her heart. Not only as the last time she saw her father, 
but also because his love for Christ expanded to his daughter
 and She accepted Jesus as her Savior.
His heart swelled with pride and he excitedly told everyone.
We are praying that she will continue 
to seek God and that she will find comfort in him.
Any time that you think of Jeff-say a prayer 
for Jaelyn. For her present pain and for her future.

For the last 3 years Jeff has supported my mother
while she has been in full time ministry school.
He always believed in their ministry and
spoke highly of her any chance he got.
He was very proud of her hard work and determination.

I am so saddened that my mother has to go through this.
Lose this good man, her love.
She is seeking the Lord for strength.
Please pray for her.
For healing, for guidance, for

The pain my heart feels for the loss of Jeff is tremendous.
I'm devastated that at the young age of 43
we have lost such a great man.
Our family will just not be the same without him.
He will be missed by so many.
We are all grateful to have shared life with him and
will cherish the memories in our hearts
for a life time.

Exodus 19:13b
When the ram's horn sounds a long blast, they shall come up to the mountain.

1 Corinthians 15:51-52
51 Look, I will tell you a secret — not all of us will die! But we will all be changed! 52 It will take but a moment, the blink of an eye, at the final shofar. For the shofar will sound, and the dead will be raised to live forever, and we too will be changed.

We will see you in heaven Jeff.

A Jeff Beck memorial fund has been set up,
donations can be made at all Chase Banks.
Money order or checks only.
Please make donations payable to Tammy Beck.

Friday, June 19, 2015

MiKayla-age 5-2015

MiKayla: sensitive,caring,
beautiful, and loving

 You just turned 5. It's hard for me
to even see you as a 5 year old.
You are the smallest five year old we 
have ever had. So petite and dainty.
Even your walk and your run is dainty.
Your little voice is still squeaky.
You are a daddy's girl. He makes
your special milk every morning. He sneaks
you little chocolates in the afternoon.
And everyday you ask him if he thinks 
your dress is pretty, or if your hair is pretty,
or if he likes the picture you colored.
You still call him dada and he calls you his baby.

You call yourself a girly-girl.
You love to wear dresses/skirts and leggings.
I don't think you have worn jeans in over a year.
Not even when it snowed!
You wear your hair in a bun on top
of your head with a bow most days.
But your favorite and most particular
thing to wear is your socks.
You HAVE to have socks on everyday,
everywhere, at all times. Your favorites
are the tall knee length ones. When they get
holes and you have to throw them away you cry.

You love to color and you love to draw.
You take time doing so and hang your pictures 
in special places.
You are the best pretend player I have ever seen.
You are so detailed and imaginative.
I love to watch you play when you are alone
and its quiet.
Recently you set up all your toys and they had a birthday party.
They sang happy birthday and even opened presents.
It was so sweet.

You are very sensitive and hate when others
are mad at you.
You love to talk and you ask alot of questions.
You teach your brother things and I love to hear you
two laughing together.

You are our little MiMi.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Daniel-age 2-2015

Daniel- strong, loving,funny,
and genuine.

Our first and only son.
You love to please me and your daddy.
If you are told "good boy" or "good job"
your face lights up and you will do it again.
You love to give kisses and hugs even to the dogs.

You are rough and tough.
You hardly ever cry when you get hurt.
You jump high and you run fast.
You climb things that you shouldn't.
(the stair rail, cabinets,the fence)
You flip and handstand and karate-chop.
You will turn any object into a hammer.
Including but not limited to:
 any toy
hair brush
an apple
your cup
a can of pringles
(your creative)
Came in to the kitchen and found you like this

Watching you jump on the trampoline
or running in the yard with your sisters is a show.
You are determined to be just as fast, jump
just as high, and yell the loudest.
If you feel left out everyone will know it.

You play "house" with your sisters so sweetly.
Closing your eyes when its time to "sleep."
Eating your pretend food.
Carrying around your naked baby doll.
You even had a wedding with Kaveri.
You love to hold Gabriella.
You kiss her sweetly and hold her hand.
If she cries you rub her cheek.
My favorite is when you kiss her and say
I'm so glad you got the chance to be a big

You may be small but you are mighty!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kylie-Age 7- 2015

Kylie: spunky, crazy, determined, funny
and independent.

You love your jeans. Jeans with dresses. Jeans
with sandals or even high heels.
Any color will do.
If all your jeans are dirty, you will 
wear Kaveri's even though they are to big.
You are always flipping, jumping, cartwheeling,
hand-standing and dancing every where you go.
On the bed, on the couch, down the hall,
in the kitchen, on the trampoline and even
while you watch tv.
Your favorite toys are shopkins.
you organize them so neatly
and count them regularly.

A few months ago you received
your very first phone call from a friend.
You walk around the house talking with excitement.
She calls you and you call her everyday!
Her name is Amira.
Your personality is one of a kind.
You are a tough chick.
 You flex your muscles and then kiss
your arm as if to be a body builder.
But you love highheels and dress up.
You are the first one to point out a cute boy!
You love hard. Mrs. Ervin was 
your kindergarten teacher and you 
talk about her on a daily basis.
You even asked for her address 
so you can visit her this summer.

You could never be put in a "box."
You are unusual in the best kind of way.
A one of a kind.