Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard Jonas-Snow Play

We were hit hard by the crazy blizzard of 2016.
We were buried in 6-7 inches.(Insert sarcasm)

But it did provide a nice family 
snow play day!

I sat Gabriella in the snow and she 
detested by throwing herself back like a 
sack of potatoes.

She did enjoy eating the snow once she calmed down.

Snowball fighting.

I could not find the pink snowbunny suit for Gabriella
so she borrowed Daniels old one.

Lots of wrestling.

And Daniel was forced to wear a pink snow suit
bc his mommy forgot to buy him a boy one.


While the two oldest girls were 
determined to beat up their dad....
The littles were content filling and pulling
the sled.

I hope you all had some snow play!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

December 2015

 We celebrated Hanukkah. 
The boy mastered the potty!
Gabriella stole someones pickle and enjoyed it.
Hopefully one day she will grow some hair soon ;-)
We made TONS of cookies.

We opened some presents.

We had our traditional movie marathon.
This year we watched a Star Wars movie a day.
We ate our toes in bed.
I hope everyone enjoyed the final month
of 2015!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kaveri Turned 9!

This year we had a scavenger hunt for Kaveri's birthday.
These were her clues.

The 1st clue was to the special chocolate house
where she picked out a chocolate dipped snowman.
The 2nd clue took us to her besties house.
The 3rd clue was to the balloon store where she picked out 9 balloons.
 The 9th clue was in the stove which everyone thought was so funny:)

She requested Boston cream pie.

Everyone has requested scavenger hunts for their birthdays.
It was so much fun and it keeps me on my creative toes.

Kaveri is such a blessing in our all of our lives.
She provides something different for each member
of our large family.
We all just love her to pieces!