Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random Pictures- June 2013

Huge purple bump in between eyebrows.
(Kaveri  accidentally hit her with a stick)
Sleeping with daddy.
Addicted to face gloss  lip gloss.
What happens when you suddenly lose your 
ear-ring in the middle of Lowes?
Your big sister has to temporarily give up her "big girl hoop."
(Kylie was glad that her holes close quickly b/c she loved the hoop)
While I was pregnant there was a household
joke that brothers pull hair.
When he finally did Kaveri said
"get the camera, he's finally pulling my hair!" 

Where is Kirstin??? She's a tween and she's busy ;)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Daniel at 2 Months

Reality= a happy seriously wiggly baby!

checking out my hand....
Daniel is getting so big.
I can not believe he's already 2 months.
He finally made it to 10 lbs.
And up to 21 1/2 inches long.
He is one of the easiest babies we have ever had.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yummy Summer Dinner

Name: Better Than Restaurant Grilled Chicken
-with salt,pepper,garlic powder,sprinkle of breadcrumbs, parm cheese 
Name: Not Your Momma's Brussels Sprouts
-caramelized on the grill (in a pan) with olive oil,
salt,pepper,fresh garlic,at the end parm cheese,and a squeeze of lemon.

Fresh fruit salad with raw sugar.

Good Eatin'

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kid Conversations

Kylie: "I need you to find the ninja turtles"
Me: "why"
Kylie: "b/c they are so cute"
Me: "i dunno where they are"
Kylie: "we should look in the woods"
Me: "I don't think they are out there"
Kylie: " they need to live in my room"

Kirstin: "we had a nacho party in class today"
Me: "why was that?"
Kirstin: "because it was Leonardo DiVinci's birthday"
Me: "what does that have to do with nachos?"
Kirtsin: "I guess nothing.....oh wait,
it's Cinco de Mayo (as in mayonnaise)"
Me: "no, that would be Cinco De Mayo"
Kisrtin: "well whatever"

The school nurse called to tell me that Kaveri had
fallen and bumped her head.
I then told Derek what the nurse had said.
Kylie: " Oh my gosh! Did Dylan pick a booger
and throw it on the ground so Kaveri would slip and fall?"
Me: "hmmmm, that would be some kinda booger"

Mikayla pointing at a tiny scratch on her arm
MiKayla: "mom i need some ice"
Me: "why , what happened"
MiKayla; "Isabella's dog eat me"
Me: "oh no, when"
MiKayla: "yesterday while I was at her house. the little white dog got me"
Me: "oh that's awful. I didn't know you went to her house"
(she did NOT go there)

Kaveri: "Dad you smell so dyin' good!
(what does that even mean?)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Say Goodbye and Hello

First lets say goodbye to the Explorer.
Yes, some how we went from no accidents in over 10 yrs,
to being hit twice in 8wks.
First it was the girl who fell asleep.
Then last week I went to rent movies.
On my way home, actually I was three houses down from our house,
the pizza delivery boy hit me.

It was raining and the hot pizza fogged up his windows.
He was very apologetic and upset.
He went to the hospital with a head gash.

His pizza did get delivered.......

After the shop looked at our car it was determined
that it was over $5000 worth of damage
and that was not including the transmission damage.

So say goodbye b/c it was totaled.

And say HELLO to our new 
2013 Toyota Sienna SE!

SE = sports edition.
That means its cooler than a regular van b/c:
it has European lights
see the differnce.
A cool grill.
see the difference.
 A moon/sunroof.
19 inch alloy rims vs 16inch.
lots of cargo space (photo from toyota website)
8 passenger.

The 8th seat easily comes out and stores in the back.

We are officially minivan Swaggin' Wagon owners.

Will helped us negotiate on price.
Thanx Will ;)

 We got a great pay off on the total.
No deductible cost.
 Got a great price on the van.
We got 0%  apr.
We had a great downpayment and
monthly price we needed for our budget.

God is soooo good!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Hawaiian Birthday Party

The birthday Girls!
Kirstin turned 11. MiKayla turned 3.

Light the candles already!!!

Daniel slept through 90% of the party.

My oldest girl and my baby girl.
Love these little ladies.