Saturday, June 15, 2013

Say Goodbye and Hello

First lets say goodbye to the Explorer.
Yes, some how we went from no accidents in over 10 yrs,
to being hit twice in 8wks.
First it was the girl who fell asleep.
Then last week I went to rent movies.
On my way home, actually I was three houses down from our house,
the pizza delivery boy hit me.

It was raining and the hot pizza fogged up his windows.
He was very apologetic and upset.
He went to the hospital with a head gash.

His pizza did get delivered.......

After the shop looked at our car it was determined
that it was over $5000 worth of damage
and that was not including the transmission damage.

So say goodbye b/c it was totaled.

And say HELLO to our new 
2013 Toyota Sienna SE!

SE = sports edition.
That means its cooler than a regular van b/c:
it has European lights
see the differnce.
A cool grill.
see the difference.
 A moon/sunroof.
19 inch alloy rims vs 16inch.
lots of cargo space (photo from toyota website)
8 passenger.

The 8th seat easily comes out and stores in the back.

We are officially minivan Swaggin' Wagon owners.

Will helped us negotiate on price.
Thanx Will ;)

 We got a great pay off on the total.
No deductible cost.
 Got a great price on the van.
We got 0%  apr.
We had a great downpayment and
monthly price we needed for our budget.

God is soooo good!

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