Monday, June 17, 2013

Kid Conversations

Kylie: "I need you to find the ninja turtles"
Me: "why"
Kylie: "b/c they are so cute"
Me: "i dunno where they are"
Kylie: "we should look in the woods"
Me: "I don't think they are out there"
Kylie: " they need to live in my room"

Kirstin: "we had a nacho party in class today"
Me: "why was that?"
Kirstin: "because it was Leonardo DiVinci's birthday"
Me: "what does that have to do with nachos?"
Kirtsin: "I guess nothing.....oh wait,
it's Cinco de Mayo (as in mayonnaise)"
Me: "no, that would be Cinco De Mayo"
Kisrtin: "well whatever"

The school nurse called to tell me that Kaveri had
fallen and bumped her head.
I then told Derek what the nurse had said.
Kylie: " Oh my gosh! Did Dylan pick a booger
and throw it on the ground so Kaveri would slip and fall?"
Me: "hmmmm, that would be some kinda booger"

Mikayla pointing at a tiny scratch on her arm
MiKayla: "mom i need some ice"
Me: "why , what happened"
MiKayla; "Isabella's dog eat me"
Me: "oh no, when"
MiKayla: "yesterday while I was at her house. the little white dog got me"
Me: "oh that's awful. I didn't know you went to her house"
(she did NOT go there)

Kaveri: "Dad you smell so dyin' good!
(what does that even mean?)

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