Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our DIY Barnwood Headboard

So before we began the "headboard project" I googled some of course.
And here are some of the popular ones I found.
DIY: Barnwood Headboard
found here: http://fiveoeight.com/diy-barn-wood-headboard-part-three-installed/
She has detailed instruction posts
found here: http://www.remodelaholic.com/2012/02/master-bedroom-with-diy-rustic-barn-wood-headboard/

None of these designs were quite what I had in mind.
Lucky for me my husband can see right into my brain.
When I say it, he gets it!

I chose the pieces I wanted to use.
Derek cut, sanded, cleaned, and sprayed them with a clear protectant.
We actually had to build it upstairs in our bedroom
 b/c of our narrow stairs.

I really love the lipped edges on each end and the piece on top that makes 
shelf. All the wood is slightly different in color, shape, and width.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A One Dollar Picture Frame Project

Have you been to Michaels and seen those 
$1 wooden frames?
Well I decided to buy some and get to work.
First I stained the outer and inner edges with walnut stain.
Then I traced each frame on paper. Cut them out with scissors.
And the inside square with a blade cutter thingy.
I used modge podge to adhere it to the frame, then another layer on
top to protect the paper.-it dries clear
Next I sanded the outside and inside edges. And sponged 
chocolate brown ink.
And then just decorate!
That little black square is a mini chalk board. 
I have to get some chalk and write a word on there.
I did 8 total.
 To hang them we painted some trim white and nailed it 
to the wall just for an added effect.
Then I stapled lace to the back of the frames to hang.
I plan on adding pictures from the TX trip.

yes I know I desperately need to paint the red toy chest.
My kids make it worse by peeling paint whenever they are in time-out.

UPDATE: I painted it
I sanded and peeled layers of paint off this toy chest.
Then I painted it. Only after a few coats did I 
realize I picked the front door red paint.
It better last.
I waxed it for added protection. 

On another note, my madre
is here and we are going on a road trip
tomorrow to Ohio!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Scrapbook Paper Wall

Remember this:
Well we built our closet before painting.
So I was searching for a way to do something to the wall
to make it more tolerable pretty.
We defiantly can not paint around the built in closet.

So enter google and pinterest search.
I found a few different ideas but this one I thought 
was easy and pretty.
scrapbook-paper wall
scrapbook paper on the wall.
Here is my version. 

I only did the main empty wall around the mirror.
It is very pretty and looks so much better:)
Kinda reminds me of a quilt.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sad but Sweet Reality

With summer in full swing
I have realized that Kaveri will be 
leaving "us" and starting school come September.

That makes these moments bitter sweet.
Some nice mornings while I drink coffee, the 
girls play outside on the deck. I watch them through the window.

Dancing in the sprinkler that is watering the garden 
while I spray paint something:)
These girls have been besties for four years!

They ride their "bikes" inside alot.
MiKayla loves riding behind Kaveri:)

Fourth of July.
Before church.

Burritos watching Mars Needs Moms.

I know that Kaveri starting school will be really hard
for Kylie. Luckily her and MiKayla have gotten really 
close and enjoy playing together.

Introducing Two Lovelies

Got him at some random store that was locked but I 
managed to knock my way in.
He was a mere 40 bucks with all his creamy chippy glory.
The hinges were ancient so Derek replaced them.
On the inside he has dividers that my scrapbooks fit 
PERFECTLY in. It was meant to be.
He lives in the dining room/office.
This little beauty. For 32 bucks I 
got a freshly painted green petite dresser.
Solid wood.
She has these sweet delicate knobs.
Also found this super sweet bowl at the antique store.
She lives in the "spare" room.
It's called the spare room only because no one sleeps in there 
on a regular basis, but this will be someones room,
and this little dresser will happily hold some tiny clothes,
But Kylie has adopted this room for the past 10 nights.
And yes she really is tucked in and ready for sleep with ALL those animals.