Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sad but Sweet Reality

With summer in full swing
I have realized that Kaveri will be 
leaving "us" and starting school come September.

That makes these moments bitter sweet.
Some nice mornings while I drink coffee, the 
girls play outside on the deck. I watch them through the window.

Dancing in the sprinkler that is watering the garden 
while I spray paint something:)
These girls have been besties for four years!

They ride their "bikes" inside alot.
MiKayla loves riding behind Kaveri:)

Fourth of July.
Before church.

Burritos watching Mars Needs Moms.

I know that Kaveri starting school will be really hard
for Kylie. Luckily her and MiKayla have gotten really 
close and enjoy playing together.

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