Thursday, July 12, 2012

Flower Wreaths with Tutorial Links

I have a large window on my front porch
that I wanted to hang a wreath in.
I bought a 26 inch grapevine wreath and spray painted it white.
Beware those suckers suck up a ton of paint.
Then I googled fabric flower tutorials.
And I made a bunch of flowers.

I hung it with burlap and lace.
-View from inside the dining room.

But then my small corner window 
on the other side of the porch was looking lonely
so I made another one. But its about half
the size as the big one.

yeah I made like thirty flowers!
Love them :)
I used felt,cotton fabric,burlap,lace,buttons and pearls.
I have attached the tutorial links below in case you wanna make some of your own.
Some of my flowers I winged and some I combined tutorials.

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