Sunday, November 24, 2013

This Week....

What's been going on in our parts....
I built a tent pallet. They have been sleeping in it
since last weekend. Maybe longer.
Kirstin had a cyber-school field trip with all
the students in our area.

Everyone in our house has had the puke-poops 
and/or a seriously sucky cold :(
Poor little Kylie is feeling it today.
She feel asleep on the bathroom floor.
This little guy is officially mobile!
It's freezing and we're getting some snow.
Todays high 26, low 16.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Some Texas Trip Highlights

Me and baby Daniel braved the plane and
made it safely.
The moment we arrived there were things to do.

The bachelorette party was so fun.
Anna was a gorgeous bride.

They both looked amazingly happy.
Grampy made me tear up a few times.
It's not often my mom,sister,brother and myself get to 
see eachother at the same time.

Are you kidding me with this cutie!
Family picture. (minus my husband and four girls)
Family photo- Plus all the aunts and uncles.
"Leah,Leah, over here. Smile."

Sarah was a wonderful host and I'm so thankful
my grampa and gramma flew us out
for all the family festivities.

*Baby nursery post coming when I'm allowed :)