Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Brother!

I have one brother.
One BABY brother.
Today he is 18.
I'm really not sure how that is possible since just yesterday 10 years ago I was 18!
Out of the three of us, me,my sister, and my brother,
he is the most intelligent.
He's one of those barely gotta look in a book always get an
A+ kinda guy.
He has a lot of potential.
He will go far, if he chooses.
He is graduating this year.
My mom's last child in school.
My girls love him:)
He's a handsome fella.

I wish I could make him his favorite bread today.
He is a "legal" adult. 
You know:
He can vote.
 Smoke cigarettes.-GROSS
 Join the military. [not really-you know that flat footed condition ;)]
 Get a tattoo.-doubt it
Get married. Ha Ha
Go clubbing. -Fist pump!
Rent an apartment.-Need money first
Buy spray paint.-maybe for that "need job" sign :)
Go to adult jail.-so be on your best behavior!
Donate blood.
And many more things that he can do as a "legal" adult.
He may be 18, but he is still growing into a man.
And to me, he will always be my baby brother.

I protected him from my sister when he was young.
(she was feisty)
I yell at him when he does wrong.
I brag about him when does right.
I laugh with him all the time.
He is friend given to me by God.
I love you William.

Happy Birthday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Yummy Chicken Salad

Spring is rolling in around these parts.
Every thing is turning green and the flowers are 
popping out.
Well, in our house springs brings in some salads. 
So one of our favorites is chicken salad.
- Chicken
-granny smith apples
-mandarin oranges
-fresh lemon juice

You can basically add as much or as little of each ingredient
 as your little heart desires :)
I added a whole apple, big cup of walnuts, big cup of sliced grapes,
four of those fruit cups of oranges, stalk of celery....
you get the picture.
We eat them on croissants. 
Sooooo good.
The girls will eat it with a fork and no bread,
that's how good it is!

Monday, March 26, 2012

March 2012- Family Movie Reviews

Ok, so we are back from the TX wedding trip.
Already missing our family..... 
I have lots of pics and details coming very soon!
But until then I thought I'd do some
family movie reviews.
so here we go:
We liked this movie. Lots of shakin' booties.
But my favorites were Bill and Will.
The krill were freakin' hilarious!!!!
I want a movie
"Bill and Will the Krill Adventures"
This was a good movie but it was a more serious movie.
I want a heart key!
Hop Movie 
Cute movie out on dvd in time for Easter.
Really cute and funny!
This was a great movie. The whole family loved it.
Derek really liked it:)
We all can't wait till the next adventure!!

We got home Saturday night and I picked up some veggies 
and movies for Sunday.
We were all exhausted so a movie day was what we needed.
We watched three!

So there you have it.

Movies we are excited to see coming up:
We bought a Zoo
The Lorax
Journey 2
Mirror Mirror
John Carter
Madagascar 3

Thats just naming a few. LOL
We like the movies!!!!

Texas trip posts coming soon:)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Today is my Gramma's birthday.

What will she be doing on her birthday you ask?
She will be driving some hours to pick me and three of my
girls up from the airport. 
She will surely get high pitched squeals and lots of hugs and kisses!

She is my favorite Gramma and here is why:

1. She loves the Lord.
2. She is one of the most helpful people I know.
3. She listens. And I mean really listens.
4. She had a big part of raising me.
5. When I first moved out on my own,
(across the street from her!) she was there for 
me anytime I had a question or need.
Think cooking! Cleaning! Parenting!
6.She is a wonderful Gramma and Great Gramma.
10-grandkids and 4-great grandkids;)
My girls are crazy about her.
7. She reminds me of my dad (Shayne).
8. She is adventurous. She travels out of the country often!
9. She is artistic. We have many paintings in our house by her:)
10. She is SEW terrific. Really handy with a sewing machine.
Love love love the onesies and shirts she made for the girls!
11. She is a kind generous woman.

One of my all-time favorite picture of her:
Who doesn't want to take a bath outside?

Although she is my gramma, is is my close friend.
I love her dearly.
I'm am so excited to walk up her sidewalk into her back door.
I haven't been in her house in 21/2 years!!!
The longest in my whole life.

Happy Birthday Gramma!
Love You!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

And Then There Was Two

Well, we are officially headed to TX.
Me,Kirstin,Kaveri, and Kylie.
These two are staying behind.

I think they will be ok.
After all she is in love with him.
They already nap together daily.
I'm sure she will miss us.
Her sisters are her playmates, her besties!
Glow stick masks :)

I have not spent a single night away from her and I'm nervous.
I know she will be fine, but still!!!!
She's my baby.

Plus everybody knows I hate being away from Derek.

Now on another note.
No this is not a tiny fat sausage thumb....
This is my pinky toe.
Thanks to me and the girls playing tag in the house....
It is broken...
What a Debbie Downer.

So when my sister is getting married will I be
crying b/c it's so beautiful and I'm so happy?
Or will I be crying b/c my pinky toe is swollen and tightly shoved
into a high hot pink heel!
It will be both for sure.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Pictures that Make Me Smile

MiKayla- 21 months

I can see myself in this picture:)

Her hair is getting so long.
Weighs right at about 20 lbs.
She is trying to repeat everything she hears.
i.e. she is talking lots.

Love love love this little one.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Couple of Candlestick Projects

So I have been working on some of my candlesticks.
So far this is what I have finished.
A nest that I put some speckled eggs in.

A house-notice the cute galvanized roof ;)
Painted it buttercream and then added glitter to the front.
sorry the lighting is so bad, I 'm trying to show the glitter on the house.

I found two different size glass bowls at the dollar tree.
Same shape but one small than the other.

Used E-6000 as the glue for everything.
Dries clear and works on metal,wood,glass,plastic ect.

More to come......

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun Cheap Project-Galvanized Bucket with Soap Flowers

 I gave Derek some shelves for his books so we could take his old shelves out 
of the dining/office room. 
I had lots of picture frames on them so I had to relocate them.
I knew that I wanted our two wedding pictures on the mantel,
and they are silver and I like the frames sooooo.....
I needed to bring in some silver stuff.

I found this cute lantern at ikea for around $7ish.
I put a picture in it that used to be in mine and Wendy's room when we were little.
I'll prolly change it out later.

I also found some galvanized buckets for .97 cents.
Yep, .97 cents
So I googled buckets and found these:
They used lace and dollies.
I also had seen this before:
This is a "soap-flower-ball" made of soap flowers from the dollar tree.
I thought it was really cute and fun but i don't need it for my bathroom.
So I put the two together and made this:
Fun right?
I LUV it tons.
And bonus it smells like vanilla.

A quick "how to:"
bucket, foam ball, dollar tree soap flowers, pins, faux pearls, and lace

Close up of flowers. Pretty right.
The flowers have layers so you can take them apart and pin each one
into the foam ball.
Add lace amd pearls to bucket.
And done!
Once again.