Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun Cheap Project-Galvanized Bucket with Soap Flowers

 I gave Derek some shelves for his books so we could take his old shelves out 
of the dining/office room. 
I had lots of picture frames on them so I had to relocate them.
I knew that I wanted our two wedding pictures on the mantel,
and they are silver and I like the frames sooooo.....
I needed to bring in some silver stuff.

I found this cute lantern at ikea for around $7ish.
I put a picture in it that used to be in mine and Wendy's room when we were little.
I'll prolly change it out later.

I also found some galvanized buckets for .97 cents.
Yep, .97 cents
So I googled buckets and found these:
They used lace and dollies.
I also had seen this before:
This is a "soap-flower-ball" made of soap flowers from the dollar tree.
I thought it was really cute and fun but i don't need it for my bathroom.
So I put the two together and made this:
Fun right?
I LUV it tons.
And bonus it smells like vanilla.

A quick "how to:"
bucket, foam ball, dollar tree soap flowers, pins, faux pearls, and lace

Close up of flowers. Pretty right.
The flowers have layers so you can take them apart and pin each one
into the foam ball.
Add lace amd pearls to bucket.
And done!
Once again.

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