Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Gramma!

Today is my Gramma's birthday.

What will she be doing on her birthday you ask?
She will be driving some hours to pick me and three of my
girls up from the airport. 
She will surely get high pitched squeals and lots of hugs and kisses!

She is my favorite Gramma and here is why:

1. She loves the Lord.
2. She is one of the most helpful people I know.
3. She listens. And I mean really listens.
4. She had a big part of raising me.
5. When I first moved out on my own,
(across the street from her!) she was there for 
me anytime I had a question or need.
Think cooking! Cleaning! Parenting!
6.She is a wonderful Gramma and Great Gramma.
10-grandkids and 4-great grandkids;)
My girls are crazy about her.
7. She reminds me of my dad (Shayne).
8. She is adventurous. She travels out of the country often!
9. She is artistic. We have many paintings in our house by her:)
10. She is SEW terrific. Really handy with a sewing machine.
Love love love the onesies and shirts she made for the girls!
11. She is a kind generous woman.

One of my all-time favorite picture of her:
Who doesn't want to take a bath outside?

Although she is my gramma, is is my close friend.
I love her dearly.
I'm am so excited to walk up her sidewalk into her back door.
I haven't been in her house in 21/2 years!!!
The longest in my whole life.

Happy Birthday Gramma!
Love You!

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