Sunday, March 18, 2012

And Then There Was Two

Well, we are officially headed to TX.
Me,Kirstin,Kaveri, and Kylie.
These two are staying behind.

I think they will be ok.
After all she is in love with him.
They already nap together daily.
I'm sure she will miss us.
Her sisters are her playmates, her besties!
Glow stick masks :)

I have not spent a single night away from her and I'm nervous.
I know she will be fine, but still!!!!
She's my baby.

Plus everybody knows I hate being away from Derek.

Now on another note.
No this is not a tiny fat sausage thumb....
This is my pinky toe.
Thanks to me and the girls playing tag in the house....
It is broken...
What a Debbie Downer.

So when my sister is getting married will I be
crying b/c it's so beautiful and I'm so happy?
Or will I be crying b/c my pinky toe is swollen and tightly shoved
into a high hot pink heel!
It will be both for sure.

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