Monday, March 26, 2012

March 2012- Family Movie Reviews

Ok, so we are back from the TX wedding trip.
Already missing our family..... 
I have lots of pics and details coming very soon!
But until then I thought I'd do some
family movie reviews.
so here we go:
We liked this movie. Lots of shakin' booties.
But my favorites were Bill and Will.
The krill were freakin' hilarious!!!!
I want a movie
"Bill and Will the Krill Adventures"
This was a good movie but it was a more serious movie.
I want a heart key!
Hop Movie 
Cute movie out on dvd in time for Easter.
Really cute and funny!
This was a great movie. The whole family loved it.
Derek really liked it:)
We all can't wait till the next adventure!!

We got home Saturday night and I picked up some veggies 
and movies for Sunday.
We were all exhausted so a movie day was what we needed.
We watched three!

So there you have it.

Movies we are excited to see coming up:
We bought a Zoo
The Lorax
Journey 2
Mirror Mirror
John Carter
Madagascar 3

Thats just naming a few. LOL
We like the movies!!!!

Texas trip posts coming soon:)

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