Thursday, May 31, 2012

Girls on the Run 5K-May 2012

Recently Kirstin participated in her 3rd 
Girls on the Run program.
They train for 12 weeks. Of course that 
includes running and exercising but
it also includes so really good lessons
on friendship, bullying, self confidence ect.

We are very proud  of her for her running 
This run was at Hartwood Acres.
It is VERY hilly.
She finished in 42 minutes!

Kylie loves to walk. She can walk for a very long time for
a little lady her age and size.
She really wanted to walk the race with me.
And she did!
We finished at 1hour 14 minutes.
I gave her two piggy back rides on some down hills,
but other than that, she walked the whole thing.
The other girls joined us at the very end and we all got metals!

I'm a proud mama :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kirstin's New Room

I spent about two months prepping for the birthday make-over.
Gathering things and doing some crafts.

Lots of uglies given new pink life :)

Plain cream lampshade.
Painted white, stencil rose, glued on ribbon.
I got these flat pieces of wood decorative pieces at Lowes 
and painted them white.
Then Derek added them to her dresser.
I bought this chandelier on amazon but it wasn't the colors I 
wanted and it had no bling.

I spray painted the whole thing white, then hand painted the
flowers pink. I added some jewels I found in the wedding
section at Hobby Lobby.
Antique window was painted pink and added a wreath 
with handmade fabric flowers. Hung above the bed.

So here is a before pick.
And now the afters.

Derek hung our last crate beside her bed 
as a night stand.
New desk chair and lamp. Ipod and attachable boom box(from lala and papa)
the girl loves her music!

New curtains.
New bedding. LUV!
A planter box painted-you guess it-pink!
I spray painted some old wine bottle white.
Glued some picture frames onto some fat ribbon.

As you can see in then new mirror, behind her bedroom door
she has a shelf  that holds her jewelry,perfume,and deodorant.
(a.k.a big girl stuff)

I think she likes loves it. 
She said it makes her feel like a princess
and a true TWEEN. What ?
I do not have a tween!
But she is insisting on being one :)

Happy 10th Birthday Girly!

The birthday and the party have come and gone.
The girl is officially ten.
A decade.

My girl is TEN......TEN!!!!!!
But I just had her, you know, the other day?!?

Her party was Saturday night. She requested peace sign plates and 
a chocolate cake with blue frosting.
Me, Kirstin, and Emma went to see the Avengers.
She wanted chinese food.

I made butterflies with a stencil and powered sugar.

Kirstin is an amazing young woman.
We were recently at our friends house for swimming and dinner.
All the girls were running around playing, and the dad commented to
 us that Kirstin was such a good big sister.
And she truly is.
On Mother's Day, all the girls went around the table telling me their favorite
thing about me. Kirstin said "that you keep having babies, I love having lots of kids in our family:"
She blows my mind sometimes. She's a sweetie:)
She's MY sweetie!!!!
Love Love Love her.

Okay, so, her big present was a room make-over.
Next blog ;-)