Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Girly!

The birthday and the party have come and gone.
The girl is officially ten.
A decade.

My girl is TEN......TEN!!!!!!
But I just had her, you know, the other day?!?

Her party was Saturday night. She requested peace sign plates and 
a chocolate cake with blue frosting.
Me, Kirstin, and Emma went to see the Avengers.
She wanted chinese food.

I made butterflies with a stencil and powered sugar.

Kirstin is an amazing young woman.
We were recently at our friends house for swimming and dinner.
All the girls were running around playing, and the dad commented to
 us that Kirstin was such a good big sister.
And she truly is.
On Mother's Day, all the girls went around the table telling me their favorite
thing about me. Kirstin said "that you keep having babies, I love having lots of kids in our family:"
She blows my mind sometimes. She's a sweetie:)
She's MY sweetie!!!!
Love Love Love her.

Okay, so, her big present was a room make-over.
Next blog ;-)

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  1. So SWEET and her Dad loves her so much! Hurry send out the REDO room!! Wendy and i called and texted all day HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTIN ;~)
    Love Nana


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