Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Garden is Officially Planted

Have you noticed that I have been a little
MIA lately.
Well that's because we have been working our butts off outside.
All winter we basically hibernate,
spring/summer come and we are out there!
First we built this fence and gate to separate"our " yard
from the "dogs" yard. 
Derek really outdid himself. It looks so nice.
Under the tarp is the kids jeep and old pink car.

We also built a second garden box.(the back one)
It is not that fun digging and tilling until your arms wanna
fall off and your hands are blistered.
This year we planted:
-lettuce,spinach, broccoli,cauliflower,green beans, 3 different bellpeppers,
okra, artichokes,pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries.
Everyone is enjoying the weather.

Poor MiKayla isn't tall enough to poke her head over the deck rail.

And where's Kirstin you may ask?
Inside on the computer.

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  1. Yes Derek exceeded all expectations by how nice of work that he and you accomplished together. Great job!! Great idea separating the dogs yard from your walkway, no more poop on your shoes. Thank you misti for providing this blog as a way for the out of town family to keep up with your family. Love and miss you all, Nana


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