Thursday, May 24, 2012

Recycled Frame-Burlap and a Nest

So I recently hit up a Goodwill looking for
some things I could have some fun with.
I found lots and only spent about 18 bucks. 
One thing I found was an old chippy white frame.
It was $1.99 but because Derek is a veteran
we got it for $1.59.
While I was in Tx my Aunt Lesley took me to some very cute shops.
While at one of them I got a nest and eggs for under 5 bucks.
I also decided to use the burlap that was on my table.
 Some scissors and hot glue.
Cute right? 
I am almost positive that my Aunt has something very similar in her house.
So thanks for the idea:)

The past 10 days have been busy. 4th grade is coming to an end.
That comes with lots of school functions plus we just
had the Girls on the Run marathon.
 Kirstin's bday is this weekend and 
MiKayla's bday is next weekend!

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