Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kirstin's New Room

I spent about two months prepping for the birthday make-over.
Gathering things and doing some crafts.

Lots of uglies given new pink life :)

Plain cream lampshade.
Painted white, stencil rose, glued on ribbon.
I got these flat pieces of wood decorative pieces at Lowes 
and painted them white.
Then Derek added them to her dresser.
I bought this chandelier on amazon but it wasn't the colors I 
wanted and it had no bling.

I spray painted the whole thing white, then hand painted the
flowers pink. I added some jewels I found in the wedding
section at Hobby Lobby.
Antique window was painted pink and added a wreath 
with handmade fabric flowers. Hung above the bed.

So here is a before pick.
And now the afters.

Derek hung our last crate beside her bed 
as a night stand.
New desk chair and lamp. Ipod and attachable boom box(from lala and papa)
the girl loves her music!

New curtains.
New bedding. LUV!
A planter box painted-you guess it-pink!
I spray painted some old wine bottle white.
Glued some picture frames onto some fat ribbon.

As you can see in then new mirror, behind her bedroom door
she has a shelf  that holds her jewelry,perfume,and deodorant.
(a.k.a big girl stuff)

I think she likes loves it. 
She said it makes her feel like a princess
and a true TWEEN. What ?
I do not have a tween!
But she is insisting on being one :)

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  1. WOW amazing stupendous and all those other adjectives!! I had to go to your site just to see blog now because it takes a while to get sent to my email. But Look at the transformation! Eat your heart out plastic surgery! Everything looks so creative. You dear Misti do great work. Can I come in for a consultation? I have flaps and bulges that desperately need a new look update me? Great job once again. Love u momma


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