Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kaveri's 6th Birthday- Sorta

In the early morning of the day
Kaveri's bday party was planned,
she woke up with extremely high fever and
flu like symptoms.
But she had previously picked out
a cake and daddy had picked it up.
We tried to make the best of it.
She had spent the entire day in a momma-made pallet
on the living room floor.
She wanted to blow out her candles and eat some cake.....
she thought.
But alas the cake "taste weird" and back to bed she went.
Her condition worsened over the next flu few days
and slowly infected the rest of the house.
But when she was feeling better on tylenol and motrin, she opened 
her presents.
I really wanted to re-do her bday party the next weekend,
but by then we were all infected except for Derek.
It lasted 7-10 days for each of us.
We were feeling better and finally fever free
just in time for Christmas.

Hopefully I can figure out something special for her.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hanukkah 2012

* This post will start my December blogs in order *

The week of Hanukkah went by extremely fast.
Derek made the BEST homemade latkes= potato pancakes.
Served with sour cream and apple sauce.
And of course we played lots of dreidel. 

The winners for the week: Me,Derek, and MiKayla :)

We also had a huge celebration at church and everyone 
forgot their cameras :(
Kirstin performed a dance during worship
and they all won prizes for answering
Hanukkah questions:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gramma Came to Visit

Gramma Donna came to visit for 
about 5 nights.
The girls were so excited it felt
like she packed gramma crack
in her suitcase. 
They were a little crazy!

We mostly hung out at the house.
She and the girls spent a couple of days makin'
all my favorite Christmas cookies.

Every year she visits in December and brings all the 
girls jammies.

One special memory about gramma is
her daily walks she takes the girls on :)
They always have little adventures.

Love her!

On a side note: 
Hanukkah is in full swing and we are getting ready 
to celebrate Kaveri's 6TH birthday!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's A........

So I went to the doctor on Monday.
I was 19 weeks and 2 days.
The ultrasound took a little over an hour
to get all the measurements and such.
The baby was extra wiggly :)
So wiggly in fact that this is the best picture I have to show you.

About 35 minutes in she said "I can see the gender. You want to know?"
me-"um yes!"
her-"well i clearly see genitalia."
me-"what does that mean? don't we all have genitalia?"
her-"Its a BOY!"
Alright now everybody get up and do the 
Misti's baby has a penis dance for sixty seconds.
Now if you want, you can do it again!

When she said it, I cried.
I'm so excited!

I did truthfully believe it was a boy before the ultrasound.
I was shocked in a way but it was more confirmation.

Top 5 reasons I knew it was a boy in my heart:
1- God told me I would have a son someday
2-I have been so sick I have yet to gain a single pound 
3-From the minute I found out I was pregnant 
we have all been referring to the baby as "he,"
it just came naturally 
4-My hair looks and feels like a dead wig
(usually my hair gets thicker and really shiny)
5- I have had no cravings at all.
(my usual go to craving is sweets)

I am so happy to have my four girls but it's our time for a boy.
I'm excited to shop in the boy department.
I'm nervous about changing boy diapers.
I'm anxious to see what he will look like.

All of the girls are thrilled.
Derek is elated. 

We have had his name chosen for months.

Daniel Eliyahu DeGraeve.
Eliyahu is the hebrew spelling for Elijah.

IT'S A BOY!!!!
do you have blue clothes? send them to me lol ;-)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Kaveri, Kylie, and MiKayla had a virus called
Hands,foot, and mouth disease for 
the last week.
That comes with really high fever,chills,
body aches,sore throat, body rash, and 
mouth sores.
They pretty much had all the symptoms
so it was a rough week.

We did manage to have a pretty good
Thanksgiving though.

This was thanksgiving morning. (William slept late)
Good thing about being at home on Thanksgiving,
cookin' in your jammies with no makeup :)
the gravy girl

The turkey was perfect!
The day after Thanksgiving Kaveri lost her first tooth.

She pulled it out all by herself. She has 3 more wiggly.
Then we put up the all the xmas decor.
We also had our first snow fall:)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Sisters Unite!

Halloween was Wednesday but because of 
"Sandy" we had constant rain from Monday until Friday.
Therefore all of PA postponed it until Saturday.

Saturday we were rain free but it was a chilly 39 degrees
 when we started and colder than that when we got home.

Everyone had multiple layers on and for the first 45 minutes 
we braved it without jackets.

With all that super sister power crime better run!

But eventually we came home, dumped out the candy, and loaded
up with jackets, gloves, and hats.

Emma joined us and she was a super hero her and her parents made
 up, Bazinga Girl.
I bet we got 30 lbs of candy including 23 full size candy bars!
MiKayla was especially into it . She really enjoyed going to 
each house and picking her own candy from the bowl.
No one even asked to eat a piece of candy the entire time.
When we got home, everyone enjoyed one piece of candy
and went to bed:)

It was SUPER fun night!

Friday, November 2, 2012

A Shout Out to the Hubs

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant.
The first trimester I was seriously sick.
Lots of breakdowns from me.

Second trimester is getting better.
Instead of puking, I just gag.
Bad breath,stinky poo, others burping, certain food
At least I am able to keep my vitamins down!
I still have zero energy. Like literally zero.
I have nothing to give. lol

Enter in the husband.
He takes the girls to school and picks them up everyday.
He cleans the house. Helps with the laundry.
Does the play dates with the girls.
Runs to the store for pumpkin pie only to have me change my mind.
I really have no cravings. When I think I have one usually I change my mind
when its in front of my face.
My appetite is really low.
I'm struggling to cook.
I'm just so tired and he lets me nap when I need to.

He has also been working his butt off.
Monday evening is bible study.
Tuesday morning is bible study at a different church.
Tuesday evening is a meeting with the church members to discuss upcoming plans.
Wednesday he has a 2 hour block at a nursing home to give messages.
Thursday is his personal day to meet with our pastor.
Friday night is church.

He was asked to give a message to all the local 
pastors in our area.It was a luncheon and he was the only speaker.
 It was a pretty big deal
and I'm so proud of him.
His message was about God being a banner.

Not only that, but the Tuesday morning bible studies pastor 
is interested in having Derek lead a weekly messianic bible study.
Big stuff in my book!

God is opening doors for him left and right.
It is amazing to watch him grow and be so passionate.
I know by the end of the day he is literally exhausted.
I try to give him lots of hugs,kisses, and thank you's.
But I wanted to publicly give him recognition for all his work
because he is AMAZING :-)

Only 24 more weeks to go! LOL
(well only till the baby gets here and he has to help with that!)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Having a Big Family

What does it take to have a big family?
How do you do it with out pulling your hair out?
Why do you feel the need to keep having kids?

I have been asked these questions and other similar ones.
Usually I laugh them off or give a sarcastic answer.

But sometimes I do really think about these things.
There are lots of great things about having a big family.
There is also lots of sacrifices to be made.

Each one of our children is a blessing.
They bring something unique and special to our family.
You'll never have a better friend than a sibling.
You have a built in playmate :)
The things you learn from being a sibling makes you a better person.
Sharing, putting others before yourself,loving someone with all your heart,
and how to be a good friend are just a few.
There is a lotta love in our house.

But it isn't all peaches and cream.
With every child your house feels a little smaller.
Pretty much no one has privacy.
You are limited to the kind of car you can fit in.
Your house is never quiet. Someone is almost
always whining,crying, or complaining.
Your budget is tightened and you make 
sacrifices as to what the world thinks you should own
and what you can actually live with.
Traveling is expensive, rare, and difficult.
Traveling alone is difficult as well.Who wants to leave the other parent 
home to take care of the whole household alone. Not me....
Date night is hard. Especially when you don't have family around to help.
And lastly, the worst in my opinion, sickness.
It spreads quickly. Everyone is cranky and sad.
Most things don't require medicine which means 
you have to just wait for it to run its course.
No fun at all I tell you, especially if the parents are sick too.

Now what do you think?
Wanna add a few more to your crew?
I wouldn't change my life for anything.
Being a homemaker is hard and its hectic.
But the rewards are daily!

Psalm 127:3-5

New American Standard Bible 
Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;
They will not be ashamed
When they speak with their enemies in the gate