Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kaveri's 6th Birthday- Sorta

In the early morning of the day
Kaveri's bday party was planned,
she woke up with extremely high fever and
flu like symptoms.
But she had previously picked out
a cake and daddy had picked it up.
We tried to make the best of it.
She had spent the entire day in a momma-made pallet
on the living room floor.
She wanted to blow out her candles and eat some cake.....
she thought.
But alas the cake "taste weird" and back to bed she went.
Her condition worsened over the next flu few days
and slowly infected the rest of the house.
But when she was feeling better on tylenol and motrin, she opened 
her presents.
I really wanted to re-do her bday party the next weekend,
but by then we were all infected except for Derek.
It lasted 7-10 days for each of us.
We were feeling better and finally fever free
just in time for Christmas.

Hopefully I can figure out something special for her.

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