Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Sisters Unite!

Halloween was Wednesday but because of 
"Sandy" we had constant rain from Monday until Friday.
Therefore all of PA postponed it until Saturday.

Saturday we were rain free but it was a chilly 39 degrees
 when we started and colder than that when we got home.

Everyone had multiple layers on and for the first 45 minutes 
we braved it without jackets.

With all that super sister power crime better run!

But eventually we came home, dumped out the candy, and loaded
up with jackets, gloves, and hats.

Emma joined us and she was a super hero her and her parents made
 up, Bazinga Girl.
I bet we got 30 lbs of candy including 23 full size candy bars!
MiKayla was especially into it . She really enjoyed going to 
each house and picking her own candy from the bowl.
No one even asked to eat a piece of candy the entire time.
When we got home, everyone enjoyed one piece of candy
and went to bed:)

It was SUPER fun night!

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  1. I LOVED their outfits! I showed everyone at work, they all thought they were just too cute! Everyone said oh my gosh they all wanted to be the same thing and they didn't fight about it? Lol I told them nope not my nieces they all get along so well, its amazing how they are all best friends. I pray that my future children will be the same! Wish I could have been there, miss you guys terribly! Love u so much!


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