Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's A........

So I went to the doctor on Monday.
I was 19 weeks and 2 days.
The ultrasound took a little over an hour
to get all the measurements and such.
The baby was extra wiggly :)
So wiggly in fact that this is the best picture I have to show you.

About 35 minutes in she said "I can see the gender. You want to know?"
me-"um yes!"
her-"well i clearly see genitalia."
me-"what does that mean? don't we all have genitalia?"
her-"Its a BOY!"
Alright now everybody get up and do the 
Misti's baby has a penis dance for sixty seconds.
Now if you want, you can do it again!

When she said it, I cried.
I'm so excited!

I did truthfully believe it was a boy before the ultrasound.
I was shocked in a way but it was more confirmation.

Top 5 reasons I knew it was a boy in my heart:
1- God told me I would have a son someday
2-I have been so sick I have yet to gain a single pound 
3-From the minute I found out I was pregnant 
we have all been referring to the baby as "he,"
it just came naturally 
4-My hair looks and feels like a dead wig
(usually my hair gets thicker and really shiny)
5- I have had no cravings at all.
(my usual go to craving is sweets)

I am so happy to have my four girls but it's our time for a boy.
I'm excited to shop in the boy department.
I'm nervous about changing boy diapers.
I'm anxious to see what he will look like.

All of the girls are thrilled.
Derek is elated. 

We have had his name chosen for months.

Daniel Eliyahu DeGraeve.
Eliyahu is the hebrew spelling for Elijah.

IT'S A BOY!!!!
do you have blue clothes? send them to me lol ;-)

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