Friday, November 2, 2012

A Shout Out to the Hubs

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant.
The first trimester I was seriously sick.
Lots of breakdowns from me.

Second trimester is getting better.
Instead of puking, I just gag.
Bad breath,stinky poo, others burping, certain food
At least I am able to keep my vitamins down!
I still have zero energy. Like literally zero.
I have nothing to give. lol

Enter in the husband.
He takes the girls to school and picks them up everyday.
He cleans the house. Helps with the laundry.
Does the play dates with the girls.
Runs to the store for pumpkin pie only to have me change my mind.
I really have no cravings. When I think I have one usually I change my mind
when its in front of my face.
My appetite is really low.
I'm struggling to cook.
I'm just so tired and he lets me nap when I need to.

He has also been working his butt off.
Monday evening is bible study.
Tuesday morning is bible study at a different church.
Tuesday evening is a meeting with the church members to discuss upcoming plans.
Wednesday he has a 2 hour block at a nursing home to give messages.
Thursday is his personal day to meet with our pastor.
Friday night is church.

He was asked to give a message to all the local 
pastors in our area.It was a luncheon and he was the only speaker.
 It was a pretty big deal
and I'm so proud of him.
His message was about God being a banner.

Not only that, but the Tuesday morning bible studies pastor 
is interested in having Derek lead a weekly messianic bible study.
Big stuff in my book!

God is opening doors for him left and right.
It is amazing to watch him grow and be so passionate.
I know by the end of the day he is literally exhausted.
I try to give him lots of hugs,kisses, and thank you's.
But I wanted to publicly give him recognition for all his work
because he is AMAZING :-)

Only 24 more weeks to go! LOL
(well only till the baby gets here and he has to help with that!)


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