Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

Kaveri, Kylie, and MiKayla had a virus called
Hands,foot, and mouth disease for 
the last week.
That comes with really high fever,chills,
body aches,sore throat, body rash, and 
mouth sores.
They pretty much had all the symptoms
so it was a rough week.

We did manage to have a pretty good
Thanksgiving though.

This was thanksgiving morning. (William slept late)
Good thing about being at home on Thanksgiving,
cookin' in your jammies with no makeup :)
the gravy girl

The turkey was perfect!
The day after Thanksgiving Kaveri lost her first tooth.

She pulled it out all by herself. She has 3 more wiggly.
Then we put up the all the xmas decor.
We also had our first snow fall:)

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