Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Brother!

I have one brother.
One BABY brother.
Today he is 18.
I'm really not sure how that is possible since just yesterday 10 years ago I was 18!
Out of the three of us, me,my sister, and my brother,
he is the most intelligent.
He's one of those barely gotta look in a book always get an
A+ kinda guy.
He has a lot of potential.
He will go far, if he chooses.
He is graduating this year.
My mom's last child in school.
My girls love him:)
He's a handsome fella.

I wish I could make him his favorite bread today.
He is a "legal" adult. 
You know:
He can vote.
 Smoke cigarettes.-GROSS
 Join the military. [not really-you know that flat footed condition ;)]
 Get a tattoo.-doubt it
Get married. Ha Ha
Go clubbing. -Fist pump!
Rent an apartment.-Need money first
Buy spray paint.-maybe for that "need job" sign :)
Go to adult jail.-so be on your best behavior!
Donate blood.
And many more things that he can do as a "legal" adult.
He may be 18, but he is still growing into a man.
And to me, he will always be my baby brother.

I protected him from my sister when he was young.
(she was feisty)
I yell at him when he does wrong.
I brag about him when does right.
I laugh with him all the time.
He is friend given to me by God.
I love you William.

Happy Birthday.

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  1. Misti u r such a fantastic sister, daughter and mother and wife. You bring tears to my eyes everytime I read ur blog. Of course this is your mother. Such a labor of love your blog is. See that i'm speaking like Yoda weird...
    Love u mom
    Hey Misti :) its william and i just wanted to let you know how sweet of a birthday presnts this was and still is every time i read it. It is very true and creative. I love you so much and i loved seeing you recently


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