Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sports Camp

Our area has lots of summer programs available.
Most of them are sports.
We let Kirstin choose what she wanted to try.
She chose volleyball.
This is the only picture we really got :(
There were lots of girls at volleyball of all ages.
She also chose tennis.
We told Emma about tennis and she joined in too.

There was six girls total in her age group.
Derek went to middle school with the tennis coach.

They learned the basics and did alot of drills.

I really enjoy the camps b/c you get to 
take lessons for a week straight and decide if you enjoy the sport.
You don't have to waste a whole season, ya know?
Kirstin said from 1 to 10:
Volleyball -a 10 she really likes
Tennis-an 8 she likes
Running- hands down a 10 she loves
Soccer-um, not so much

She really wants to try a swimming sport.

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