Thursday, July 26, 2012

A One Dollar Picture Frame Project

Have you been to Michaels and seen those 
$1 wooden frames?
Well I decided to buy some and get to work.
First I stained the outer and inner edges with walnut stain.
Then I traced each frame on paper. Cut them out with scissors.
And the inside square with a blade cutter thingy.
I used modge podge to adhere it to the frame, then another layer on
top to protect the paper.-it dries clear
Next I sanded the outside and inside edges. And sponged 
chocolate brown ink.
And then just decorate!
That little black square is a mini chalk board. 
I have to get some chalk and write a word on there.
I did 8 total.
 To hang them we painted some trim white and nailed it 
to the wall just for an added effect.
Then I stapled lace to the back of the frames to hang.
I plan on adding pictures from the TX trip.

yes I know I desperately need to paint the red toy chest.
My kids make it worse by peeling paint whenever they are in time-out.

UPDATE: I painted it
I sanded and peeled layers of paint off this toy chest.
Then I painted it. Only after a few coats did I 
realize I picked the front door red paint.
It better last.
I waxed it for added protection. 

On another note, my madre
is here and we are going on a road trip
tomorrow to Ohio!

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