Thursday, July 19, 2012

Introducing Two Lovelies

Got him at some random store that was locked but I 
managed to knock my way in.
He was a mere 40 bucks with all his creamy chippy glory.
The hinges were ancient so Derek replaced them.
On the inside he has dividers that my scrapbooks fit 
PERFECTLY in. It was meant to be.
He lives in the dining room/office.
This little beauty. For 32 bucks I 
got a freshly painted green petite dresser.
Solid wood.
She has these sweet delicate knobs.
Also found this super sweet bowl at the antique store.
She lives in the "spare" room.
It's called the spare room only because no one sleeps in there 
on a regular basis, but this will be someones room,
and this little dresser will happily hold some tiny clothes,
But Kylie has adopted this room for the past 10 nights.
And yes she really is tucked in and ready for sleep with ALL those animals.

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