Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kaveri Turned 9!

This year we had a scavenger hunt for Kaveri's birthday.
These were her clues.

The 1st clue was to the special chocolate house
where she picked out a chocolate dipped snowman.
The 2nd clue took us to her besties house.
The 3rd clue was to the balloon store where she picked out 9 balloons.
 The 9th clue was in the stove which everyone thought was so funny:)

She requested Boston cream pie.

Everyone has requested scavenger hunts for their birthdays.
It was so much fun and it keeps me on my creative toes.

Kaveri is such a blessing in our all of our lives.
She provides something different for each member
of our large family.
We all just love her to pieces!

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