Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blizzard Jonas-Snow Play

We were hit hard by the crazy blizzard of 2016.
We were buried in 6-7 inches.(Insert sarcasm)

But it did provide a nice family 
snow play day!

I sat Gabriella in the snow and she 
detested by throwing herself back like a 
sack of potatoes.

She did enjoy eating the snow once she calmed down.

Snowball fighting.

I could not find the pink snowbunny suit for Gabriella
so she borrowed Daniels old one.

Lots of wrestling.

And Daniel was forced to wear a pink snow suit
bc his mommy forgot to buy him a boy one.


While the two oldest girls were 
determined to beat up their dad....
The littles were content filling and pulling
the sled.

I hope you all had some snow play!

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