Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kylie-Age 7- 2015

Kylie: spunky, crazy, determined, funny
and independent.

You love your jeans. Jeans with dresses. Jeans
with sandals or even high heels.
Any color will do.
If all your jeans are dirty, you will 
wear Kaveri's even though they are to big.
You are always flipping, jumping, cartwheeling,
hand-standing and dancing every where you go.
On the bed, on the couch, down the hall,
in the kitchen, on the trampoline and even
while you watch tv.
Your favorite toys are shopkins.
you organize them so neatly
and count them regularly.

A few months ago you received
your very first phone call from a friend.
You walk around the house talking with excitement.
She calls you and you call her everyday!
Her name is Amira.
Your personality is one of a kind.
You are a tough chick.
 You flex your muscles and then kiss
your arm as if to be a body builder.
But you love highheels and dress up.
You are the first one to point out a cute boy!
You love hard. Mrs. Ervin was 
your kindergarten teacher and you 
talk about her on a daily basis.
You even asked for her address 
so you can visit her this summer.

You could never be put in a "box."
You are unusual in the best kind of way.
A one of a kind.

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