Monday, June 15, 2015

Daniel-age 2-2015

Daniel- strong, loving,funny,
and genuine.

Our first and only son.
You love to please me and your daddy.
If you are told "good boy" or "good job"
your face lights up and you will do it again.
You love to give kisses and hugs even to the dogs.

You are rough and tough.
You hardly ever cry when you get hurt.
You jump high and you run fast.
You climb things that you shouldn't.
(the stair rail, cabinets,the fence)
You flip and handstand and karate-chop.
You will turn any object into a hammer.
Including but not limited to:
 any toy
hair brush
an apple
your cup
a can of pringles
(your creative)
Came in to the kitchen and found you like this

Watching you jump on the trampoline
or running in the yard with your sisters is a show.
You are determined to be just as fast, jump
just as high, and yell the loudest.
If you feel left out everyone will know it.

You play "house" with your sisters so sweetly.
Closing your eyes when its time to "sleep."
Eating your pretend food.
Carrying around your naked baby doll.
You even had a wedding with Kaveri.
You love to hold Gabriella.
You kiss her sweetly and hold her hand.
If she cries you rub her cheek.
My favorite is when you kiss her and say
I'm so glad you got the chance to be a big

You may be small but you are mighty!

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