Monday, July 27, 2015

Gabriella- age 4 months-2015

Gabriella Emi-
Sweet little pumpkin who loves lots of attention.

Look at those little leg roles!
Squishy thighs are my favorite.

cute baby toes are my weakness.

We have entered the VERY smiley baby phase :)
You are so patient with your sometimes to rough
big brother.
You can sleep through almost anything.
Loud laughter, screaming, wii playing,
dogs barking.....the list is long.
You are so beautiful. Every time we are out and about we
 get comments about how pretty you are.

Your eyes are a different color than 
the entire family.
All of us were born with and continue to have brown eyes.
But not you. They are yet to be determined and change 
on a daily basis.

11 lbs 4 oz
rolling over, laughing, and has a very strong grip!

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