Monday, July 20, 2015

Kaveri- Age 8- 2015

Kaveri: sweet, loving, motherly,girly,
and loud

You are so girly, I'm not sure where
you get it from. You love dresses and skirts.
Lipstick and high heels.

Your hair is so long and thick.
You almost cried when we got it trimmed.
You can already style it on your own.

Daniel loves you so much.
You are his favorite. When he
sees you after school he squeals with happiness.
He looks at you like a second mama.
You carry him around and lay in bed together
just hanging out.
Let's look closer ...

Your teacher told
me that you are so quiet at school that sometimes she
has to actually bend over to hear what you are saying.
But when you get home you always talk excitedly
and laugh the loudest. You tell your stories
with passion.

Sing. Sing. Sing.
You sing everyday. While you
brush your hair, while you make your
cereal, and when you are holding
your brother. Sometimes I walk
by and sneak a peak of you singing
in the mirror. You want to be a
"not the bad kind,the good kind"

You are creative.
You do things with thought and purpose.
You love to help out cleaning windows,
hanging up clothes, and picking
up all the toys without being asked.

Kaveri you are beautiful and full of life.
You have one of a kind qualities.
We are so proud of the little lady you 
have grown into.

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