Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gabriella Turned 1

My last sweet baby had her first birthday.
Insert all the sad mom tears.

that pink icing was so tasty she had to lick it off the bumbo

Gramma made it for her birthday too.

Rainbow sprinkle cake

The boy..... He is always being silly.

Of course little miss needed an after cake bath :)

Her two big front teeth are one of my
very favorites!!!

Gabriella has been walking for about 2 months.
She's a petite miss.
Weighing almost 17 lbs
The Lord knows she's a shorty.
Most people think she's 7 months old.
Gabriella loves climbing the stairs and 
dumping out the dog food.
She is always smiling, hates the car seat,
doesn't care much for actual food.
3 or 4 bites then she'd rather feed the dogs.

Gabriella Emi, you are the cutest little 
bald baby and we all adore you.

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