Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Edition of Funny Kid Conversations

Kylie: " mom when I get older I'm gonna get married "
me: "and your gonna have babies?"
Kylie: "no mom, we're gonna
 play ninja turtles with masks and swords"

Derek sarcastically:"are you gonna grace us with your presence?"
Kirstin: "who said anything about getting presents!"

Me: "Kylie why are you pushing all my buttons today!?!"
Kylie:" What buttons?"

Kirstin: " Mom was there ice-cream when u where a kid"
Me: "no i must have been born before the dinosaurs"

Me: "what's all over your leg?"
MiKayla: "color"   (pen marks)
Me:"who did that"
MiKayla:" the baby"
Me:"what baby"
MiKayla: "the baby in mamma's tummy"

Kylie: "Kaveri has a nipple"
Me: "everybody has nipples"
Kylie: "Kaveri has a nipple on her face"
Kirstin: "she means pimple mom"
Me laughing: "that's a bug bite"

Kaveri in bed:"i don't wanna go to school.It's cold and I'm tired."
Kylie:"but Kaveri, your gonna see Isabella and Logan and
 that guy that stares at you and that guy that picks his boogers & eats them"

Kaveri walking by Kylie: " Kylie I just tooted on you!"

MiKayla about 100X a day: 
"Don't ever do that again"
"Don't ever say that again"

William: "when I clean the tub do i have to lift up the no slip mat?"
Me giving him the really eyes : "um yeah, we clean under rugs around here"
William: " aw man"

Emma: "you want an apple"
Kirstin:" I like apples I just don't like to eat them"

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  1. Oh Misti, I just read this blog and I had to thanku for making me laugh out-loud! Your children are so funny and it is good to blog about them. My favorite "Kaveri has a nipple" hilarious :=)
    please tell everyone Nanna says hi and I love you all


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