Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What's Going On Around These Parts

I have officially entered the 3rd trimester.

Had an ultrasound this week to check on 
the growth of Daniel.
He is doing great and getting sooooo big!
Our 8 year old dog has grown more
protective of me and the girls.
It's his natural instinct. 
He does it every time I'm pregnant.
This time around we have another male adult
in the house which has been hard.
He gets confused on wanting to "protect" me/girls
and his normal behavior.
(don't let the sleeping fool you- he is super vicious )
He really thinks that my brother waiving the wii 
remote near me or him putting his cell
phone in my face is threatening.

In a short time he will be less anxious
and all will be back to normal.
Personally I am feeling a TON better.
My energy comes and goes but I have 
not been sick.
My crafting mojo is coming back
which means I am working on my checklist.
I have been painting up a storm.
This dresser was gold and cream. Derek removed 
the top two drawers and added wood for our 
cable box ,dvd, ect.....
The stuff on the bottom is kids toys they just put it there :)
More random stuff I painted.
New old window I got for free with burlap wreath.

I painted three old gold mirrors I got at the flee market for $2.50.

I cut out Shine with my cricut and wrapped canvas with fabric.
Then I ironed the letters on with that no-sew stuff.

Those who are wise will shine as bright as
the sky, and those who turn many to
righteousness will shine like stars forever.
Daniel 12:3

I am extremely nesty which means
closets are getting cleaned out.
I am purging the house and throwing out 
clothes and other things we don't need.
My husband and children are used to it.
The other day Kirstin came home from school
to find that her room had been hit by a tornado.
She asked if I was having another crazy day :)

Plus I'm scrapbooking lots and
putting Daniel's room together.

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