Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yeah it's Delicious....

Last march (2012) I decided that I wanted to put the 
word Delicious in my kitchen.
Everybody has EAT and YUMMY.
I like to be different.

 Yes, I realize this word is super long.
Who would have thought I could be patient enough 
to collect the letters one at time.

All I had in mind was the colors I wanted to stick with,
the place I needed them to fit, and that I wanted them 
all to be different sizes and styles.

Aren't they delicious!!
I did paint a few of them,
but mostly I just had to give them a good clean up.

not that easy to get a good photo....

And of course the hubs did all
his precise measuring and hanging for me.
Thanks babe ;-)

He did assure me that everything
that comes out of our kitchen is
delicious :)

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